Good News Everyone – Maximum Game Level Raised

More good news to report, wow isn’t this a good day to be a player unlike the other 364 days, lol. No seriously TinyCo are hopefully showing more signs they are listening by introducing an increase in the Max Game Level you can reach. This isn’t just good news at this fuel hungry time in the game its great news, as it means for us players who were maxed out at 60 fuel refills are back. It also means your fuel and Nixonbucks capacities increase. Again good news if you buy fuel refills and like to stock up on Nixonbucks running the Daily Planet money missions on your weekends.

The new Max Level is 70 and the Fuel and Nixonbucks totals for each level are as follows….


Level Max  Fuel Max Nixonbucks
61 85 310,00
62 86 320,000
63 87 330,000
64 88 340,000
65 89 350,000
66 90 360,000
67 91 370,000
68 92 380,000
69 93 390,000
70 94 400,000

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some more xp.

~ Russian Tigger


4 thoughts on “Good News Everyone – Maximum Game Level Raised

  1. What happened to the 50 to 61 level increases and fuel per each? Dropping the gains of
    11 levels because you finally fix the game does not seem like much although I’ll accept it because I have no choice, or do I?


    1. I jumped from 60-63 but only got fuel for the 63. Disappointed but at least I only lost out on 2 levels not as much as you did.


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