PVP Battle Of The Universes Next Round Has Begun

Ahoy there shipmates!!!

Just a quick reminder that it’s time for a new round of Battle of the Universes. If you log into your game you’ll get your rewards for your ranking at the end of the last round and if you go to the PVP screen you’ll see a new countdown timer for this latest round. It will end on Wednesday 7th Febryary at 3pm PST, so start ranking up to grab some rewards over the next week.

And remember if you’re having trouble with the PvP Universe battle search not refreshing with this new round, just go into your PVP Universe crew, deselect a character, then reselect them, this will fix the issue. Also if you’re still experiencing crashing, like I am, a fix is hopefully coming soon, just hang in there.

Russian Tigger

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