WARNING!!! Down ‘N’ Out Bender, Cartridge Unit & Lisa will NOT be available in Phase 2

I know it’s been a tough week trying to win those new characters but I’m afraid time is fast running out as they definitely won’t be in the recruit boxes when Phase 2 hits. Instead they will be replaced by the new Phase 2 characters Sinclair 2k, Robot 1-X and Wooden Bender.

So basically you’re left with a choice of using any coins, if you’re lucky enough to have any, to open boxes now for a final chance at Lisa, Cartridge Unit or Down N Out Bender, or hoarding them until Phase 2 for a chance at grabbing the new characters.  I’m sorry it’s not better news on the event as I know many of you are struggling. But I just wanted remind you as you’ve not got a lot of time to decide as Phase 1 ends 31st January 2018 @ 3pm PST. Extended until 1st February 2018 @ 3PM PST.

~ Russian Tigger


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