Island Of Lost Bots Phase 2 is here!!!

There’s a new phase arrived, how obsoletely fabulous is that darlings!!!

Yes, let’s all go hang out and play through the 2nd phase of the Island Of Lost Bots event where, if you’re lucky, very lucky, you can win characters and outfits, both old and new.

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some new, err, old, no, new stuff.

~ Russian Tigger


Extra day to get Down ‘N’ Out Bender, Cartridge Unit & Lisa will NOT be available in Phase 2

I know it’s been a tough week trying to win those new characters and how much this will help will depend on luck, but TinyCo have listened and gave us a little extra time to win thse Phase 1 characters and outfit.

So basically you’ve got a choice of using any coins, if you’re lucky enough to have any, to keep opening boxes for a final chance at Lisa, Cartridge Unit or Down N Out Bender, or hoarding them until Phase 2 for a chance at grabbing the new characters.  But I just wanted let you know you’ve now got a little extra time as Phase 1 now ends 1st February 2018 @ 3pm PST

~ Russian Tigger