Extra day to get Down ‘N’ Out Bender, Cartridge Unit & Lisa will NOT be available in Phase 2

I know it’s been a tough week trying to win those new characters and how much this will help will depend on luck, but TinyCo have listened and gave us a little extra time to win thse Phase 1 characters and outfit.

So basically you’ve got a choice of using any coins, if you’re lucky enough to have any, to keep opening boxes for a final chance at Lisa, Cartridge Unit or Down N Out Bender, or hoarding them until Phase 2 for a chance at grabbing the new characters.  But I just wanted let you know you’ve now got a little extra time as Phase 1 now ends 1st February 2018 @ 3pm PST

~ Russian Tigger

11 thoughts on “Extra day to get Down ‘N’ Out Bender, Cartridge Unit & Lisa will NOT be available in Phase 2

  1. I have opened my last possible box before the start of the second week, my 9th box overall. Ended up with no new event characters, not even the usual Bender costume.

    However. I was going for the beta boxes from the beginning, because they had a few older characters from before i started playing. My favorite in there is Malfunctioning Eddie – and I got him in this 9th box today. So while the event overall is very frustrating, I actually got what I wanted most from week 1.


  2. The first time I opened Delta crate I got Cartridge Unit. When I fInally managed to get enough coins to open it again I got Cartridge Unit again, or rather the duplicate items. Disappointed.


    1. Five times I have opened. I got catridge unit all five times. Im out of fuel, and im 30ish away from opening the easier boxes each time, but i cant waste pizza on reruns as all im getting is chips and cash on the bonus boxes. Sigh. Tiny co do their best to amger their patrons….


  3. An extra day doesn’t do any good. The whole drop luck is total BS. I unlocked Bender (yet another useless skin) and then subsequently kept getting people I already had yielding pointless rewards.


      1. If we do see this kind of event again, I wouldn’t be opposed to it; I would just rather see things restructured. Hopefully newer players are bolstering their rosters.

        It makes zero sense that the boxes that are the hardest to get are the ones most likely to give you duplicates. Put five characters in a recruit box, a completely different lineup for each one. What is the incentive to grind out Alpha and Beta coins if the statistical odds of getting a duplicate are HIGHER than with the easier boxes?

        I’m even debating on using this pizza I’m accruing in an Omega recruits box, (which did pay well previously) or just getting Calculon or Hyper-Chicken. I like knowing for sure that for hundreds of pizza, I’ll actually get a new character.


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