Love Is In The Air Event Overview!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Let’s feel the love as we take you through the romantic rumpus that is the Love Is In The Air event.


Not seeing any new issues in my game.


The App Version that brings the new content is 1.5.5 so make sure you’ve uploaded to this. This update does bring some new gameplay features that I’ll cover in a separate post.


15th February @ 3pm PST


The main Questline for this event is Lovey Dovey and here’s a taster to get you started:

Pt 1:

Start Playing The Valentines Update
Have Fry Get Jealous – 1hr
Have Leela Be Superior – 2hrs

Pt. 2:

Complete “Butterflies In Your Stomach” 2 Times – Travel to Earth and complete any path on this mission twice
Have Fry Make A Valentine Card – 6hrs
Build Romanticorp – Costs 4 Valentines Cards, 4hr Build

Pt. 3:

Have Amy Lift With Her Knees – 6hrs
Have Bender Sleep On The Job – 2hrs
Place The Lovely Bear Garden – Costs 8 Valentine Cards


The main event materials are:

Valentine Cards (Always): Get from Amy Lift With Her Knees, Leela Vent Her Frustrations, Fry Work On Valentines Day Card

***Please note it costs 35 Candy Hearts to put any of the above characters on their tasks, and the tasks all last 6hrs and drop 20 Valentine Cards)

Candy Hearts (Always): Get from Event Space Missions on Earth

Petunia Orb (Chance): Get from Cargo Drop Boxes Collected On Event Space Missions on Earth

Mid-Life Crisis Lrrr (Chance): Get from Cargo Drop Boxes Collected On Event Space Missions on Earth

Michelle Orb (Chance): Get from Cargo Drop Boxes Collected On Event Space Missions on Earth


 Michelle (Full character – Delivery Boy – Cool): Tasks to drop 15 Candy Hearts.  – Costs 400

Petunia (Full character – Delivery Boy – Brave): Tasks to drop 15 Candy Hearts. – Costs 450 

Mid-Life Crisis Lrrr (Outfit – Influencer – Cool)
: You will not be awarded the full character Lrrr if you buy this outfit, instead it will stay in the Outfit-O-Matic to for you to use op if you should get the Lrrr character in future. Tasks to drop 15 Candy Hearts. – Costs 500 


As with all events there’s some new items in the store.

Conversation Heat Factory Drops 25 Candy Hearts every 6hrs ~ 45 

Romanticorp  ~ 4

Lovey Bear Garden  ~ 8

Lovey Bear Hospital  ~ 8

Romanticorp Sevurity Bot  ~ 32 

Romance Acceleration Lab  ~ 64 

Heart Skyscraper  ~ 128 

Lovey Bear Gondola Ride  ~ 256 

Romantcorp Corporate Spaceship  ~ 512 


And we’re on our travels again, as the event brings us 4 new Space Mission to complete. And they are located on Earth, the first will unlock when you trigger the main Questline, then each subsequent mission will unlock as you complete a path on the previous one. They start off pretty easy to complete as the new enemies, which include LoveyBears, are weak at first, but the difficulty starts to increase at the final mission True Romance.

The Space Missions are as listed below. You’ll find a full post coming soon.

Earth Event Mission 1: Butterflies In Your Stomach

Unlocks at Main Questline Pt. 1. Recommended Level 15

Earth Event Mission 2: Mutual Feelings

Unlocks on completion of any path on Butterflies In Your Stomach mission. Recommended Level 20

Earth Event Mission 3: Flirtation Device

Unlocks on completion of any path on Mutual Feelings mission. Recommended Level 30

Earth Event Mission 4: True Romance

Unlocks on completion of any path on Flirtation Device mission. Recommended Level 40

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the Love Is In The Air event.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


11 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air Event Overview!!!

  1. OFficially leaving this game, I farmed and grounded to get 346 orbs for michelle and 420 orbs for petunia, 400 some for Lrrr but i don’t habw hay character. Was going to spend some pizza to get michelle and pentunia. Game crashes and wasn’t ablw to get back for a few mjns later. All my hard work are gone and the event had concluded. Spoke to the support team, nothing they can’t do. Well I just can’t beljebe i spent $80 on This game last year and now I am leaving it. Too much events and not enough breaks, the whole leveling up star badges are just ridiculous.

    Good luck to the rest of yiu.


    1. Sorry see you go, maybe pop by occasionally as I believe they are listening and will try make some changes to bring some fun back.


  2. I got Michelle and Petunia yesterday and thought I was going to be on track to get Lrrr with two full days and about 38 orb drops needed for him, but then I did 4 full runs without a single Lrrr orb out of 12 boxes. Only one in the each of the next two runs. After that, I decided to pull the plug on Valentine’s Day and focus on going back to space missions to try to get what I need for Elzar.
    I’m used to Simpsons Tapped Out, where you can always grind enough to get all the free offerings and results are guaranteed when you send a character to do something, but I have definitely determined that it is impossible to do it all in this game as a freemium player. You have to decide when you’ve gotten everything you care about and move on to something else instead of wasting resources chasing things that won’t happen. Makes me sad that is the case, but at least it is less stressful just letting things go.
    PS- seems like a huge misstep on TinyCo’s part that the only premium item (and any character you unlock) gives you the easiest resource to obtain from doing missions. What was the point of that? If you grinded missions enough to get Michelle or Petunia, you had way more candy hearts than you could send people to convert to cards.


    1. I think Petunia & Michelle should have dropped Valentine Cards instead Candy Hearts. I play Tapped Out as well but find it too easy, thus I often forget to tap but still finish easily. I’d like something in between the two games, tough but achievable.


  3. Is it possible that they changed some character’ s features? Changstein Al gamal had a healing period of two turns and now it’s just a ‘healing aura’. I really liked him as a lvl 30+ influencer because of this 3 turn healing effect. Now I barely see that!? But the event itself seems like fun though I am not sure to see any of the characters/outfit due to luck of dropping the right orbs and not be able to fly any of the advanced routes. Thanks Russian Tigger for the great work so far!


    1. They do make some changes and unfortunately font give a list so it’s only when you come across things like this you start think did that change or am I going mad.


  4. Honestly, already, this event is turning out to be a big improvement from previous ones. Only four space missions, with level requirements being drastically reduced. Grinding is still a thing, but it seems like you’re always assured to get orbs for characters which is a huge plus. The characters are solid choices, and I was very pleasantly surprised to see Lrrr’s costume since I never thought they’d give a costume to a past event character. And then there’s the update to the battle system which is just a huge upgrade all around. Overall, I’m really liking this. Hopefully saying that doesn’t come back to haunt me. 😛


    1. Once you earn enough Orbs for a character, those orbs leave but are replaced with other items such as Nixonbucks & chips, just so you know. But hope mg this will be good event for players


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