End Of Event Poll – Island Of Lost Bots

Greetings New New Yorkers!!!

I know it sometimes feels like the end of the world, but it’s really just the end of the event. Want to share how you did with your fellow humans? If so, join us after the fold.

Ah you decided to join us. Ok then, so what are you waiting for? Hurry and complete the poll below, before the next event hits and you don’t have time to scratch your a… ehm, chin, never  mind fill out our stupid polls. Go on, you know you want to!!! I’ll get the full results up in a few days!!!

Oh and if you can’t see the poll thank your lucky stars there isn’t a link to it HERE, oh wait there is, afraid there’s no escaping it.

If you’re an IOS user that experiences the poll jumping issue please click this link to complete the poll.

And don’t forget you can tell us what you thought of the event in the comments as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


7 thoughts on “End Of Event Poll – Island Of Lost Bots

  1. The last few events have been grind the space missions til your eyes bleed. They are ok but in no way why I play the game. If we have to grind them that much it removes any fun they may have had. Then you get crap chips and small amounts of Nixon bucks instead of what you need. Then you almost always got the character you had already and a measly like 30 coins for the next box up that you need 4000 coin for. That makes it even more frustrating.

    Then toss on I never have Nixon bucks to level my guys up. I got a few to 30 finally but then it’s another 30k Nixon bucks to rank them up after I get the rank up items. Doesn’t help when you get events like xmas hitting you one after the other each giving you 12 new characters that you have to level between 20-30 to complete the events. The daily planets nixon buck thing is awesome for this but it’s one day a week. And I never remember it til there is like an hour left til it changes. The basic rank up thing that is there every day and the Nixon buck one should be available every day or least every other day for the Nixon bucks. Building rent and character tasks is not enough nixon buck income to keep up with everything that gets added to the game.

    Last few events I’ve been unable to do more than 3-4 space missions cause they start requiring 30+ level characters. And in at least one of the mini events those missions I couldn’t do were where the cargo boxes started to put out decent rewards. I also can’t work on zoisbergs stuff cause you need to be 30+ for that too.

    If they are going to require level 30+ to do things they need to increase nixon buck income everyday and not just saturdays.


  2. I can’t even recall how many boxes I opened, I’d say at least a dozen for both phases combined. Got Sinclair 2K, Cartridge Unit, & DNO Bender. Really wish I got Lisa, I sure opened a lot of duplicate boxes. But three out of four characters is solid. Plus I like how the Omega recruits boxes stuck around, with plenty of ad watching opportunities. I only opened one Omega recruits this event, (and one in the Alpha event) but I got Blatherbot so I felt it was a great purchase. Also, the ads yielded so many pizza I finally bought Calculon!

    I do wish I had a shot at getting Obsolete Bender. I got Platinum IV I think in the PVP, which yielded me hundreds of Alpha coins… but not enough to open a box…. I don’t think any of the PVP tiers/rewards gave you enough coins to actually open a recruit box, except maybe in the diamond tier. You just had to keep grinding the missions and have some coins left over for the PVP to get you the rest of the way.

    The supplies box was atrocious. $200 Nixonbucks? Mega career chips? Absolutely worthless. I got a couple (small) refuels, which were slightly useful, and about sixty health packs, but I used them all like the last day before the update 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I’m kicking myself now that the healthpacks aren’t garbage. I felt like Professor Farnsworth calling out for Pazuzu, wishing I’d find him in the box he was allegedly in.

    Ultimately, I was rewarded for the grind, so I enjoyed the event, I’d say. But as I’ve said before, I’m a day 1 player. It has to be tough for new players if they aren’t able to yield at least some rewards from lower tier missions. And I would like to see these duplicates go away…. you have four tiers of recruit boxes, put four or five characters in a box, per tier. Take away duplicates; once you pull a character from a box, they shouldn’t be there anymore to recruit. If you already have certain characters, then you could aim for more specific boxes and missions.

    Love is in the Air seems to be going much better for everyone though, well done TinyCo 👍


  3. The idea was good, I really thought I could finally win something in this game. However, poor execution. First off, it is really annoying to grind for coins and then just get a repeating character. Secondly, if I get one of those cargo boxes, I would expect to get coins in it. Feels like nine times out of ten there was some other useless junk in them. After the first couple of days I just gave up on that event. The current event is much better- orbs in every box. Keeps me going, I just need two more Michelle-boxes right now.


  4. Off subject question I can’t find answer to on this site anywhere. Where the heck is the artifact for completing decapod 9 at? I finished questline and all paths for every mission after a LONG LONG grind, and still no artifact…. Is it missing?!


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