Monster Weekend – MonCon 3018 Event Alert!!!

Looks like we’re heading for a whole new world of pain as Pain Monster, el Chupanibre & Big Foot are stomping into town. So join us as we do the mash, the monster mash.  I only hope it’s not as painful as it looks.

And remember we’ll be back with full details as soon as we’ve pulled all the info, so keep your eyes peeled for our Monster live post but until then here’s what you’ll get you started moving along the main Questline.

Bender Starts

MonCon 3018 Pt. 1

Build The MonCon 3018 Convention Centre: Free, build time 6secs

MonCon 3018 Pt. 2

Have Fry Check Out MonCon: 1hr
Have Amy Attend A MonCon Panel: 4hrs

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some monsters, you know you want to!!!

~ Russian Tigger


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