Monster Weekend MonCon 3018 Event Overview!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Looks like we’re heading for a whole new world of pain as Pain Monster, el Chupanibre & Big Foot are stomping into town. So join us as we have a monstrous weekend at MonCon3018



Not seeing any new issues in my game.

Some of the passive issues that were introduced with last weeks update look to be resolved.


The current App Version  is 1.5.6


21st February @ 3pm PST


Main Questline – MonCon 3018

Monster Gauntlet Space Missions Overview



The main Questline for this event is MonCon3018 and here’s a taster to get you started:

Pt 1:

Build The MonCon Convention Centre – 6secs

Pt. 2:

Have Fry Check Out MonCon – 1hr
Have Amy Attend A MonCon Panel – 4hrs

Pt. 3:

Complete “Monster Gauntlet Round 1” 


The main event currency and materials are:

IMG_1341SWAG Tickets (Always): Get from Amy, Fry, Leg Mutant, HG Blob, Smitty, Zoidberg, Elzar, Hermes, Professor, LaBarbara, Kif, URL, Scruffy, Leela, MonCon Convention Centre, Cargo Drop Boxes Collected On Monster Gaunlet Event Space Missions on Earth (Chance)

IMG_1340Sanctuary Permits (Always): Get from Professor, LaBarbara, URL, Hermes, Scruffy, Cargo Drop Boxes Collected On Monster Gaunlet Event Space Missions on Earth (Chance)

IMG_1339Signatures (Always): Amy, Kif, Leela, Department Of Parks And Monsters Building, Cargo Drop Boxes Collected On Monster Gaunlet Event Space Missions on Earth (Chance)


IMG_1347 Pain Monster (Full character – Delivery Boy)  – Costs 250 IMG_1339

IMG_1332El Chumpanibre (Full character – Villain)  – Costs 250 IMG_1339

IMG_1336Big Foot (Full Character – Captain) – 
Costs 250 IMG_1339


A47032F2-1546-46C3-B47B-61E5B0301FDE-1423-00000165B200B77C Mr Peppy (Full character – Delivery Boy/Cool)  – Costs 250  Pizza

E73D0A1D-1833-4346-87BD-9D16B334AE01-1423-00000165A20F4E6F Pazuzu (Full character – Delivery Boy/Brave)  – Costs 250 IMG_1339


As with all events there’s some new items in the store.

Department Of Parks And Monsters Drops 5 Signatures every 3hrs ~ 125  Pizza

MonCon Convention Centre  ~ Free

Cyclophage Pen  ~ 500 IMG_1340

Bigfoot’ Log Cabin  ~ 500 IMG_1340

MonsterCon 3018 Billboard  ~ 50 IMG_1341

Loch Ness Monsters Crane  ~ 400 IMG_1341

Bone Vampire Forest  ~ 400 IMG_1341

Poisonous Froad  ~ 400 IMG_1341

Green Monster In Left Field  ~ 400 IMG_1341



And we’re on our travels again, as the event brings us 10 new Space Mission to complete. And they are located on Earth, the first will unlock when you trigger the main Questline, then each subsequent mission will unlock as you complete a path on the previous one. They start off pretty easy to complete as the new enemies, which include Spiderians & Galaxians, are weak at first, but the difficulty starts to increase as the missions go on, and you’ll often need a team in excessive Of the recommended level. However the good news is there are NO gated paths so this should make 100% completion of some of these easier for players. You’ll find the overview post on the Monster Gauntlet Space Missions HERE.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the MonCon 3018 event.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


4 thoughts on “Monster Weekend MonCon 3018 Event Overview!!!

  1. Pssst, people, count the signatures you get from the tasks at the convention center. Rumor has it, the 8 hour tasks for 6 signatures actually pay 8, sometimes even 10 signatures. Which I can confirm. Testing the 4 hour tasks right now, they are reported to be even better.

    I was wondering, why I am already collecting for the third and final monster since today, when the initial math looked like the third monster would need pizza.

    But hush, hush, TinyCo does not need to see this…


  2. I agree with most of the sentiment above. I am enjoying this event personally. The new overall gameplay updates (speeding up battle, skipping character animations) are really helping to ease the grind, in my opinion. The payoffs for setting longer tasks for signatures and swag tickets, et cetera, is equivalent to shorter tasks, which is great. You can run a few missions, use your fuel, and set those 6-8 hour tasks rather quickly and efficiently. Then you can come back later in your day when your fuel is a bit replenished, run a few missions, and start again.

    As Gepdor suggested, you really need to focus on a couple goals per event, especially if you are playing freemium. I may be able to unlock two charcters this event, but if I can finally get Pazuzu, and hopefully El Chupanibre, I’ll call it a great week lol. It is awesome having a choice as to which character you unlock with the signatures too. The daily rewards even seem to be improving, with a nice mix of items throughout the week.

    Actually, at this point, I could only ask TinyCo bring back the event info buttons, as they have had in past events like Robot Hell and Xmas Xarol. It is always nice to have those reference points as to what’s new, maybe have an event timer, all that good stuff. Sure these are just week long events lately, but that would just be the icing on the cake. Fun stuff this year 👍


  3. I for one would rather have gated paths than boring maps with increasing fuel costs. At least with the last few events (which I rather enjoyed, and thought addressed many of the issues that Quest for Stuff players often raise, advantages for long time players balanced against chances for newer players to get older content) I could blaze through they ‘easy’ path a few times and get good cargo drops even if not being able to 100% final levels. And if I do have time and resources (often in short supply in this game, how dare a beta mystery box give me much needed nixonbucks and chips, harrumph) to upgrade and get a chance to use a character I haven’t done much with (another frequent fgtqfs gripe, nothing for old characters to do but sit in tan lines) so much the better. I was saddened by the negativity (and 1 fun factor rating) arround the alpha and island of bots events, and while I like the opportunity to earn the monsters in this one it seems rather uninteresting and sanitized gameplay wise, and given that I had to spend pizza for the Lyrr costume (wasn’t going to let it go after getting 80% of the way there) and I never maxed out on fuel the whole last event (and spent all my ‘free’ refills from the previous too) it seems they are making fuel an even bigger roadblock to advancement and I despair of getting more than one or two of them. Bunny used to say fgtqfs was not tapped out, you aren’t going to get it all logging in 3 times a day. Well this is a different game too, and while, believe me, I’m susceptible to the 100% completionist mentality, it’s not how this game needs to be approached and I like that they are giving everyone (I started arround robot hell on earth) something to strive for and lots to do. Yes it’s too much IF you are thinking you are going to complete everything, max out all your characters, get all new content and hit the top of the pvp leaderboard, but if you can be content with achieving a few goals and trust that old content may return it can still be fun. Reminds me of the Disgaea series, it can literally be played forever, and certain bosses can take thousands of hours to get to a point where you can beat them, but if your goal is going to be to collect and level every single monster and class to max strength & fully gear them you are going to be in for an even longer, frustrating and sysiphian task. On the other hand, picking a few favorites enjoying the storyline and setting new goals with each win can be quite rewarding. This game does have it’s flaws, don’t get me wrong, but this event seems like a step backwards in entertainment value to me.


  4. I’m really liking the concept of this event. MonCon sounds amazing. Really liking the character choices too, and it’s a pleasant surprise seeing Pazuzu and Mr. Peppy returning on their own. I suppose it’s not really a surprise, the thought of them returning on for the event had crossed my mind almost immediately after seeing the event, but it’s better than the alternative. If nothing else, really glad to see another Villain-class character.


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