Highest Character Level Poll!!!

Greetings Space Cadets!

I know you’re all suffering from repetitive strain, and are weary of repetitive polls but I’m afraid it’s time to suffer some more as we try to find out where all that promotion mission grinding has led us!!!

The new character promotion features appeared in December, and have now been around for almost 3 months so I thought it was time to compare how everyone is getting on. So simply cast your vote based on your current highest level character and we can hopefully get a snapshot of where players are at.  And remember as the results will show and update as players answer it will also let you gauge where you are compared to others.  Sorry it’s such a long list to scroll through but I didn’t want to group levels together to shorten it.

Thanks as always for voting and feel free to leave any other helpful feedback or thoughts in the comments. Maybe you’d like to share who is your highest level character and why? And of course if your feeling like venting you can vent it out in The Angry Dome post HERE.

~ Russian Tigger


8 thoughts on “Highest Character Level Poll!!!

  1. Highest level is 30. Only one ranked up to go past 30. I have just a handful at 30 and not ranked up to go past that.

    You need too much nixon cash to rank them up plus level them. And a one day daily mission to get nixon bucks (which is awesome btw but needs to be more often. If not every day every other day) which I often forget about on that specific day or am to burnt out on space missions to feel like playing. That one day a week thing sucks.

    But I feel like they’ve boosted nixonbucks in other sources slightly. It’s hard to focus on leveling characters too when they require like 5-10 specific chatacters to be level 25 for all these events they just had for us week after week, and those space missions with 50 different paths each. It’s like they want you to burn out. Here’s 7 event currency for that mission which you need 5000 of to unlock a new character that’s in a loot box that doesn’t eliminate prizes you already got so you just keep getting stuff you have already so all my cares in the world died for the game.

    I love the game but this last month I think I’ve checked it maybe 6 times, when I’m usually a multiple times a day player. Struggling with desire prolly since Christmas.


    1. Check out the Doop update, it seems a little less frantic. Maybe give yourself a little breather from the grind and concentrate on this.


  2. I have 2 45’s, a 40 a 30 and a 33. That’s my team right now. I don’t know if I want to start the new event. It seems like I always get to a point where I can’t go any farther cause I don’t have higher level characters. I get stuck and and it really upsets me they I wasted so much time and dark matter. BUT it’s hard not to start them! I know I should just keep up the daily planet for the next yr to level up my characters. That’s about how long it’s going to take to get those 10 epic burgers anyway! Lol

    Any advice is welcome, but I’m guessing just doing daily planet is the only way to go.


    1. Unfortunately thr daily grind on the daily planet is only way to go out with spending massive amounts Pizza. Thankfully new Doop content is permanent and I don’t see any new event until next week at least


  3. I’m at two level 50’s right now, with two 49’s and a 48 in my main crew.

    I’m a category 5 sucker for most events, so if there is one going on, I’m working on that; Leveling up and promoting the random other characters for gates and such.

    I’m bummed I haven’t had time to get in to Decapod 10, beyond unlocking Zoidberg. All I have Labarbara do all day is skate around town anyway, I wish I had been farming whatever is apparently coming… hopefully I can get a little progress in the main story before the next event.


  4. I have 5 lvl 38s, and I’ve been leveling them up one level at a time as a group, when possible. It doesn’t make much sense to have one character be way out ahead of a full team because you don’t know which one you’ll need for unlocking paths, and if you’re not bringing up enough characters close enough, the team will wipe on tougher space missions. I’d be higher, but until this event, the chips drop slow, and farming chips once a week in the Daily Planet missions is tedious and fuel expensive. Plus, the events come so close together and I’m trying to grind drops for characters that I don’t have the fuel to spend on dailies, even though I’m currently at 91 fuel when full. I’ll probably stop this group at 40 until I have a reason to move them up more, and bring up other characters.


  5. Why not have a poll to gauge everyone’s reactions to completing polls.

    My highest character is Amy as I find the multiple character attack to be helpful.

    Psst! I like completing the polls.


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