Wise Bots Mafia Event Is Extended!!!

Seems like the big don at TinyCo has heard that the materials haven’t been dropping reliably like a pair of concrete boots in our games and have decided to extend the event by a day.  This is welcome news for those still trying to unlock characters. But remember TinyCo has only extended the event by 1 day, no longer, so you now have until 8th March @ 3PM PST to finish up anything you’re working on.



What you waiting for, go grab yourself some more stuff.

~ Russian Tigger


9 thoughts on “Wise Bots Mafia Event Is Extended!!!

  1. I did the math. Being a level 67 player and being able to run level 8 missions to earn 4 drop boxes every time, it is impossible to receive enough materials in 15 days to unlock every character. Unless they got rid of the career chip drops which are useless, and even then you could only receive brass knuckles less than 20% of the time. Meanwhile, I can’t progress on anything else just to accomplish 75% of the new mission. After a month, I have one beach blanket and 5 sun tan lotion, even though I skate the town 5x a day (approximately a 3% drop rate). Plus, I liked the PvP and now that’s gone. I won’t play a game that is just plain frustrating.


  2. I was averaging one box of (9) gold bars on space missions last night, so I spent pizza on a refill. If that luck would hold, I could get Donbot with the pizza on hand, but this morning I flew a few and didn’t get any. This really stinks. They need a skill-based way to get the materials too because the random ones aren’t coming up enough. A tank of fuel is about 7 missions (for a max-level player), and if you get more than 25 bars over the 7, it’s cheaper than just cashing him out. But you might get none on a lot of missions, which is discouraging even if you beat that. It’s not fun, that’s for sure, which is probably the heart of the problem.


  3. When you guys put together the poll for this event you should include whether or not you used pizza to buy out the characters or not instead of just having did you get the mayor and Don yes or no … I’m pretty sure I’ll get the mayor but just because I’ll have to buy him to get the 100 or so rubber stamps I still need … Don will be way to expensive though I believe at this point.


  4. While I’m disappointed to not get Donbot (didn’t get the mayor either, but meh), I’m more than happy to see the end of this event. Maybe I can give Decapod 10 a day or two of attention before getting foolishly temped by whatever shiny new event is jammed down our throats this weekend.


  5. Waaa! I really want this to end. Was tempted to try for more silver bars for Clamps yesterday, but came up with zilch. Nada. Nothing. Unfortunately, all the events are too short to achieve anything significant but too long to ignore, at least for me.


  6. They could have extended this event by a week and I’d prob still struggle to get rubber stamps and gold bars.
    I collected loads during week 1 thinking it’d give me a boost in week 2, but then I had issues with silver bars for clamps and it took me 3 days in week 2 before I unlocked him (and I ended up using pizza to unlock him because drops were so unfavourable).

    Now in week 2 I’ve had very few gold bars drop (almost epic drop rate) and like 1 or 2 in 10 space missions for 1 box to contain rubber stamps. I even tried people tips of sending Clamps or Joey on the missions and doing the high level uncommons paths but my boxes contain an extra few chips or knuckle dusters. Got thousands of knuckle dusters but I’m not interested in buying buildings or decos because I’ve don’t want to waste the space on them.

    So it’s nigh on impossible for me to unlock the Mayor or Don Bot in the next 30-40hrs … so I’m just gonna use the extension to do Mafia space missions and collect Tera chips because you get a decent amount paid out from about level 6/7.


  7. Nice. A bit pointless too. If you don’t have the mayor by now I don’t see any chances of getting the Don. And drops keep being as bad as ever.
    The issue with the way they did this game is that events all are very mission centric and fuel is the most scarce resource available (second one being nixonbucks). It’s impossible to win events without pizza, same thing that started happening with family guy a couple of years ago. I wish they focused pizza for the premium characters instead of being such a huge event requirement.


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