End Of Event Poll – Wise Bots Mafia Event

Greetings New New Yorkers!!!

I know it sometimes feels like the end of the world, but it’s really just the end of the event. Want to share how you did with your fellow humans? If so, join us after the fold.

Ah you decided to join us. Ok then, so what are you waiting for? Hurry and complete the poll below, before the next event hits and you don’t have time to scratch your a… ehm, chin, never  mind fill out our stupid polls. Go on, you know you want to!!! I’ll get the full results up in a few days!!!

If you can’t see the poll or you’re an IOS user that experiences the poll jumping issue please click this link to complete the poll.

And don’t forget you can tell us what you thought of the event in the comments as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger


15 thoughts on “End Of Event Poll – Wise Bots Mafia Event

  1. Same experience as Rook above. Pretty frustrating, as I’m pretty sure I had enough gold bars and rubber stamps to get one of those characters but I never had enough silver to see past Clamps.


  2. I was enjoying the event up until week 2. Ended up spending nearly 200 pizza unlocking Donbot which kinda ruined the event for me. Another annoying part was in week 1 I got more silver than bronze and ended up getting clamps a day before Joey. Wonder what they’re going to give us next and hopefully they can fix this currently flawed game


    1. I’ve just put up a post on what’s next, if you want to know look it, if you don’t want to know then just keep your eyes on your game over next few hours as it will hopefully be here. I’ve probably just jinxed it saying that


  3. I didn’t advance very far from in this minute event. I unlocked Joey Mousepad but that was it. Couldn’t get enough silver for Clamps. I got so many rubber stamps and gold bars more often than silver, which was annoying as I never got to the stage I needed them.

    The space missions are being overused for grinding materials. It’s cheaper than ludicrously overpriced buildings but doesn’t make it any more fun.


    1. Yeah I agree, I’m Space & combat weary. Disappointed so many didn’t see Week 2 especially as that means do many of you missed out on Clamps


  4. May have to re-evaluate my choice of continuing to play the game. The expectations to achieve characters are irritatingly out of reach.


    1. Hoping something will change as the last few events have had great content but the set up let them down.


      1. Actually I found Valentine’s even more infuriating than this one. Doing multipliers on fuel in space missions is just cruel. They ask for more fuel on higher levels as if you actually had any chance to get more fuel and in the end you need to do space missions like crazy but can only realistically do 5-6 a day.


        1. I agree regarding fuel. I don’t like fuel multipliers are fair, I’d like see them removed from Daily Planet missions, I’ve voiced this to TinyCo.


  5. Tinyco failed to make my gaming experience enjoyable buy gouging for the event and having such a difficult time getting cargo rewards on the quest, I will not be spending any more money, I will be sticking to freemium… I am 63 years old and from about the same generation as the Creator but we never designed these games to be able to steal money from people under 18 legally,..


    1. For many playing freemium is the only way, they won’t spend money no matter how good the game. for others it’s all down to choice whether we spend money or not on any game, and a lot of the time that decision is down to whether we’re having fun, if it’s nit fun I won’t spend money. But if I’m enjoying a game I’ll happily buy some premium currency.

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