Doop Is Here!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Let us entertain you as we reveal to you Doop!!!.

Yes after what seems like 1000 years of turmoil Doop is here to rescue us, bringing with it new characters, game improvements  and much, much more. If you want to see it all in your game then make sure upgraded to App version 1.5.7. And remember this new content is permanent so no need to hurry, it’s not going anywhere!!! Go check it out and remember we’ll have posts up covering all the new content soon.  

~ Russian Tigger


13 thoughts on “Doop Is Here!!!

  1. Finally, some game content! Not just another event after an event after an event without the opportunity to work on the main goals in the game, like the Decapod 10 questline and the naked professor.


  2. I guess you have to wait between assignments for the next one to come. I just opened it back up and there were two assignments.


    1. I see this as a variation on QFS Tan Lines, something keep us busy for a long time, although as you progress the Doop drops get higher but it’s hard say how quick as can’t rush with pizza


      1. The Doop gets higher as the level requirement for the mission gets higher, but the xp per Embassy level gets way higher, and when you have all three unlocked, you’re spreading the missions between all three, so you end up going a bit slower. I just got Jrrr unlocked and placed, so that’s two characters for me, plus I have Doop Fry unlocked in the costume store, but don’t have enough to buy it yet. I’m enjoying being able to use characters I don’t normally have doing anything but getting nixon bucks with.


        1. I agree I’m enjoying this, welcome break from the constant events with random drops. Here you complete the request, you get the reward, no ifs, buts or maybes


  3. I like how they redid the planet mission page, where now they show us which characters/costumes and what level are needed before you jump in with a team. Now if they’d only add in the “collect all rent” button…


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