Doop Overview!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Let us bring you peace you as we reveal to you Doop. Yes after what seems like 1000 years of conflict, peace beckons us as a load of Embassies are coming to town, bringing with them Glab, Zapp and a host of other characters and costumes.


There’s been a few, but most should be fixed by now. But if you’re having any ongoing issues that aren’t below let me know in the comments.

One that is ongoing is the Mafia Pages are missing from the Sticker Book.


This is NOT an event, it’s a permanent feature so don’t panic to complete things, the content is not leaving the game, it will always be there. This is supposed take us time, if you play FGQFS think of it  along the lines of unlocking Evil Monkey in Tan Lines.


The current App Version  is 1.5.7


None this is a permanent addition to our games!!!

QUICK LINKS (Click on the post you want to go to)

Main Questline – Diplomatic Immunity
Doop HQ – Requests Missions
Omicron Embassy – Requests Missions
Martian Embassy – Requests Missions
Embassy Level Requirements


There’s a new look to the Space Mission Selection Menu, this now includes any characters needed for gated paths etc.  Unfortunately it also brings with it a lot of scrolling for the Daily Planet mission selections.

Mission Speed Up carries over to the next combat once activated in a Mission now.

Daily Planet mission Stabdout Candidate L80 gated path now has 3 Cargo Drop Boxes instead of 2, so better payouts.


The main Questline for these new features is Diplomatic Immunity  and as requested I’m going to put the main questline post up and update it as I progress, you’ll find it by clicking HERE!!!


The main event currency is:

Doop Credentials (Always): Get from completing Embassy Requests, Completing Questline parts 


Yes the sticker book continues to be back in business and you’ll find 3 new pages, these are Newbie Diplomat, Seasoned Statesmen and Expert Envoy. I’m also very glad to report pizza is back as the reward for all of these.

And don’t forget as well as pizza for completing the 3 new pages collecting Leo & Inez will complete the outstanding The Wongs set which brings us another 50 Pizza. So in all there’s 225 free pizza waiting.

Collection: Newbie Diplomat

Characters To Unlock To Complete Collection: Glab, Jrrr & Inez

Reward For Completing Set: 25 Pizza

Collection: Seasoned Statemen

Characters To Unlock To Complete Collection: DOOP Soldier Fry, Ndnd & Mini Golf Amy

Reward For Completing Set:  50 Pizza


Collection: Expert Envoy

Characters To Unlock To Complete Collection: Zapp, Lrrr, & Leo

Reward For Completing Set: 25000 Nixonbucks


Simply tap on the Doop Icon at the bottom right of your game to be taken into the full Doop menu.

Here you’ll see the full screen with the menus on the left hand side. I’ll talk about the various sections more below.


You can find these in the Doop menu, you’ll see them by either tapping on the individual embassies or by tapping on the Gift Shop. Please note you need to increase your Doop Reputation, i.e. level up your embassies, to unlock many of these characters/outfits to purchase. Please note Outfits will only appear in the Outfit-O-Matic as you unlock the Embassy they are related to, and will only show as unlockable once you have the required Doop Credentials to buy them. I will group these characters and outfits into the Embassy they are attached to.


Glab (Full character – Influencer/Brainy): You will unlock her to purchase once you level your Doop HQ to Level 2.

Costs 200 

Zapp Brannigan (Full character – Captain/Brave): You will unlock him to purchase once you level your Doop HQ to Level 10.

Costs 90000 

Soldier Fry (Character Outfit – Delivery Boy/Cool): You will unlock him to purchase in the Outfit-O-Magic once you level your Doop HQ to Level 5.

Costs 7500 


Jrrr (Full character – Delivery Boy/Cool): You will unlock him to purchase once you level your Omicron Embassy to Level 2.

Costs 3000 


Inez Wong (Full character – Robot/Brainy): You will unlock her to purchase once you level your Mars Embassy to Level 2.

Costs 7500 

Leo Wong (Full character – Villain/Brave): You will unlock him to purchase once you level your Mars Embassy to Level 10.

Costs 90000 

Mini Golf Amy (Character Outfit – Scientist/Cool): You will unlock her to purchase in the Outfit-O-Magic once you level your Mars Embassy to Level 5.

Costs 15000 


The rolling previously available characters will appear in the Omicron Embasssy.

Lrrr: Unlocks at Level 10

Costs 90000 

Ndnd: Unlocks at Level 5

Costs 10000 


You can find these in the Doop menu, you’ll see them by either tapping on the individual embassies or by tapping on the Gift Shop. Please note you need to increase your Doop Reputation, i.e. level up your embassies, to unlock many of these buildings to purchase. I will group these into the Embassy they are attached to. I’m afraid I don’t currently have costs of some of the returning buildings as I already have them.


Officer’s Club ~ 3000 

Sexatorium ~ 3000 

Swamp Cottage ~ 3000 


Wong Bank & Trust ~ 3000 

Wong Way Saloon ~ 3000 

Omicronian Castle ~ 3000 

Mutual Of Omicron ~ 3000 

Omicronian Hut ~ 3000 

Omicronian Vet Clinic ~ 3000 


Native Martian Houses ~ 3000

Native Martian Temple ~ 3000

Native Martian Teepee ~ 3000


You can find these in the Doop menu, you’ll see them by either tapping on the individual embassies or by tapping on the Gift Shop. Please note you need to increase your Doop Reputation, i.e. level up your embassies, to unlock many of these decorations to purchase. I will group these into the Embassy they are attached to. I’m afraid I don’t currently have costs of some of the returning decorations as I already have them


Doop Hovercopter ~ 2500 

Doop Medicopter ~ 2500 

Round Hips Poster ~ 5700 

Doop Propoganda Poster #1 ~ 1000 

Doop Propoganda Poster #2 ~ 1000 

Doop Propoganda Poster #3 ~ 1000 


Statue Of Lrrrbrty ~ 1000 

Statue Of Ndnd ~ 1000 

Pop-A-Skull ~ 1500 

Free Popple Mascot ~ 2500 

Omicronian Flags ~ 1000 

Jetpack Dog ~ 1000 

Small Omicronian Ship #2 ~ 2000 

Orangutan Leela ~ 2000 


Spider Drawn Wagon ~ 1000 


There are 3 Embassies, and these unlock as you progress the Main Questline Diplomatic Immunity.

Doop HQ – Unlocks at Diplomatic Immunity Part 2 – Free

Omicron Embassy – Unlocks at Diplomatic Immunity Part 4 – Costs 2000 Nixonbucks

Martian Embassy – Unlocks at Diplomatic Immunity Part 5 – Costs 6000 Nixonbucks


These are the “missions” for this new content but don’t worry you won’t need any fuel or have to grind out any actual space missions, they are more timed tasks whereby you send characters on missions and await their return. These Request missions are where you will gather most of your event currency and are used to level up your embassies so try to stay on top of them. I’ll try to compile a post with a full list of Requests and their rewards later. You’ll find it HERE once it’s complete. But until then here’s the basics.

Youll find Available Requests in your Doop menu, tapping it will bringing you up list of Available Requests (please note if the page is blank there’s none, so check back later, it’s looking like new requests appear every few hours or so).

Simply click on a Request, here I’m going choose Filibuster and it will bring you up the mission page. Here you’ll see everything you need to complete the request. Basically a Level 5 Captain.

Tap select crew, then simply choose your Crew members and you’ll see them appear, along with the percentage of you completing the mission successfully. You can use as little crew as is necessary to get the 100% or you can and a full crew, makes no difference to the rewards.

Simply start the mission and and then you wait for it to complete. This mission takes 3hrs. You can check the progress at anytime by clicking on In Progress in the Doop Menu.

Here you can check on the progress, just click on the mission and you’ll see all the details plus the cost to Pizza rush it, but be aware if you Pizza rush it you don’t get another new request immediately, you still need to wait for them to refresh.

And once the mission time is complete you simply grab your rewards by clicking Complete. You’ll get your rewards and a boost the level of your Embassy. I’ll put up a post with Embassy levels once I gather more information.

And that’s basically how these requests roll, obviously the difficulty will increase due to higher levels as we go on but for now they are more than manageable for all players. Thanks TinyCo.

And remember to ensure your crew meets the 100% Chance of Success, this will often mean using a character/characters above the recommended level. However if you can’t meet the 100% remember failing a mission even if you’re at 0% will net you a consolation reward of 20% of  the Doop Credentials a successful mission would have paid out. So it’s still worth running missions if you can’t get 100%.

There you have the overall basics that I can give you for Doop.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


60 thoughts on “Doop Overview!!!

  1. Embassies definitely stuck at level nine. Are they just waiting till the cornwood stuff is finished to allow the embassies l to level up?


  2. I can’t get my characters past level 30. The promotion button always says not enough chips even though it’s been up around 50k. How many do I actually need?!


    1. To promote you need Badges not Chips. Once at Level 30 you need use Badges to promote character to next rank to level up using chips further


      1. So, my embassies are stuck at level 9, and when I complete a tast the graphic shows the meter fill-up from 9.5 to Max (no 10 shown). The same happens each time, there is no level 10 & I’m unable to unlock Zapp (although I can’t afford him yet either).


    1. I got Jrrr and Inez as way I see it I will need collect lots more Doop to level up the embassy to unlock Zapp so I’ll have the necessary Doop to buy him again by then


      1. Hmm… In my hesitation, I actually have enough to get DOOP Fry.

        Is he worth it? I have Devil Hands Fry that I’ve been working on leveling. This may split my goals…


        1. I was leaving the costumes until I get Leo, but Im seeing build up of Doop whilst levelling up my Embassies, so I myself are thinking should I grab him now. But I think I’ll hold off and see how much Doop I have by end weekend


    2. They’re quick and easy wins, so I claimed them. There’s also a nice sticker book reward which we can never be sure TinyCo won’t nerf. I might skip the costumes for now though and save up for Zapp next.


  3. Bought Doop Fry for 7500 and unlocked him, but I haven’t been able to use him. It always says he’s on a mission. I purposely hold him back so I can do his Doop storyline, but he’s unavailable. Just noticed when I completed some of the Doop missions, he walked out, even though I never sent him. Any ideas?


  4. Liking DOOP so far and am really glad to get a break between episodes so I could catch up and get Zoidberg. Now if they’d just reward us with badges on DOOP sometimes so we wouldn’t have to wait for the right day to come around.


  5. I just wanted to say thanks to TinyCo for a really awesome update. I’m normally on here saying how frustrated I am recently, but this is a welcome breath of fresh air. So happy to not have to use my fuel for an update, so I can actually use it to run the daily missions.
    The promotion going on right now is really awesome too. If they had a different save than Facebook, I think I may have bought a planet of pizza just to level up two characters.


  6. I got the first quest item, but nothing since I completed it. No further quest marks. I keep most of my characters in storage, is that hindering triggering?


  7. I seem to be on track to earn around 10,000 credits over the first week, so I guess Zapp might take another 9 weeks after claiming Glab, Jrrr and Inez. Hopefully less if the earning rate continues to increase with DOOP HQ level.


  8. My Doop HQ is at Level 5 and Soldier Fry is showing as “availble” in the gift shop, but no price. When I go to the Outfit-O-Magic, it is showing as locked. What is the issue here? It is because i don’t have the 7500 or???


      1. Same happens for however it does show me 10,000 for Ndnd but I don’t have enough for her. A glitch I guess.

        I did unlock Inez Wong but for some reason she’s classed as a robot. Should be an Influencer as she’s always trying to convince Amy to get married and have kids.


        1. Ndnd is a character not a costume, this is only happening with the costumes.

          Like your thoughts on Ines, but it’s been confirmed Ines is staying a Robot. But be careful if you’re levelling her as there is a bug which shows her needing 4 Star Captain badges. Should be fixed soon


  9. I completed Diplomatic Immunity Part 4, but the Omicron Embassy is still locked. Any one else getting this issue? Thanks!!


      1. Part 5 did trigger, but I have not unlocked disctrict 4 yet. I was wondering if that was the issue, just seemed weird because that is a Part 5 quest to do.


  10. This is a welcome breath of fresh air! The events are generally such a grind and this actually seems like a nice change of pace, minimal grinding, and what all us fans enjoy – more Futurama content with its unique flavour of humour


  11. I abandoned a mission by mistake, now I can’t get it back: someone knows how?
    I’m concerned I won’t get any further missions from this ambassy…


    1. New missions appear every couple hours so don’t worry. If it’s been a lot longer than this then please message TinyCo.


  12. Really enjoying this new update so far! The DOOP missions set up is really well done, it finally brings in three characters that’ve been teased since the beginning of the game, and it helps resolve one of my biggest issues before, being Lrrr having ended up an event-exclusive character so early in the game and now turning him into a permanently available character. Also extremely surprised to see Jrrr making an appearance so early in the game, but makes me happy since he was a character I always really loved.

    Is Orangutan Leela really a character outfit? With its position so far to the right away from the characters themselves and the outfits for Fry and Amy placed with the available characters for their respective embassies, it seems like it’s more of a decoration, but I guess I can’t access the files to see so I wouldn’t know either way.


    1. I think Orangutan Leela is a decoration, going by where she’s positioned and cost. But no complaints, lot great stuff in there.


  13. Glad to hear this is permanent – I would hate to miss Zapp Brannigan! I was already completely flabbergasted when I was able to unlock the first character (Glab) on day one. Not what I am used to from events. 😉

    And thanks for the information that it isn’t necessary to send a full crew complement every time, as long as the success rate is at 100%. I have so gotten used to sending as many people as possible with the highest level possible, I completely missed that. It will leave more people free to collect stuff, like for Amazonian Amy, and money. That Amazonian Hut won’t build itself… 😉


        1. I’ve tried get an answer on this, still waiting – sorry. But at least it’s not a limited time event for once.


      1. I’ve tried get an answer on this, still waiting – sorry. But at least it’s not a limited time event for once.


  14. I’ve been waiting for Zapp for ages, glad he’s finally here even if it’ll take a while to unlock him. When I do it’ll be time to break out the champagne.

    Liking the look of the space mission menus. Glad to hear the speed combat function carries over into each mission automatically. And I get to send rarely used characters on Doop missions whilst keeping my main characters for space missions available. All in all it’s good so far, plus the chance to earn a lot of pizza.


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