Class of 99's

Class of 99s #1 – Levelling Up With Leela

Hey there Addicts

So it’s time for your characters to climb the career ladder, yes they’ve hovered in the lowly ranks for long enough and now they need to take that one giant step for man, robot, alien, mutant or woman kind to reach that coveted 4-Star rank that will see them start their journey towards the ultimate goal of being a Level 99 character.

And I’m going be honest from the start here, getting one Level 99 character, never mind a crew full, isn’t going be easy, hell it’s not supposed to be, TinyCo brought this new ranking system in for many reasons, but the main one is to slow down the speed freaks. the flip side of slowing them down is it will keep the rest of us busy for a long time, a very long time. But hey we might as well have some fun along the way looking at the various characters that are going to be making the ultimate journey from 1-99 in a lot more than 60 seconds. And who are we going to be looking at today? Well Leela, as she had the great honour of being the first character I planned to take all the way to Level 99.

So why did I choose Leela? Quite simply because she was already my highest level player when this Promotion madness hit, that’s the honest truth of the matter. So it wasn’t based on passives, abilities, combat strategy or anything. Strategy levelling up was something I left for laterrr.

So let’s break down what it will cost you to get Leela into your Class of 99’s and of course what benefits there are in ranking and levelling her up.  And to make it simple to follow I’ll break it up into her Star Ranks.

1-Star Rank Leela

Every character, including Leela, starts ranked at 1-Star, and at this rank Leela comes with the following passives:

Captain’s Call: Buff that raises team attack.

Single Attack: Leela attacks one enemy.

And from here you can start levelling up Leela to a maximum Level 10. The cost to do so is as follows:

Nixonbucks: 3840
Career XP: 2400
Career XP in Peta Chips: 3 Peta Chips *you can use other size chips of course*

Once at Level 10, Leela cannot rise the level ladder any further until you promote her to a 2-Star Rank.

2-Star Rank Leela

So now we need get Leela promoted to 2-Star rank and here’s what that will cost and what it will get you.

Star Badges: 8 Generic 2-Star Badges
Nixonbucks: 3096

Promoting Leela to 2-Star rank unlocks the following passive:

The Unstoppable Leela: 10% increased damage to Brainy and Cool enemies.

Now Leela is flouting her 2-Star Rank you can get on with the job of levelling her up to Level 30. And the cost of this is as follows:

Nixonbucks: 97312
Career XP: 60820
Career XP in Peta Chips: 63 Peta Chips *you can use other size chips of course*

Once at Level 30, Leela cannot rise the level ladder any further until you promote her to a 3-Star Rank.

3 Star Rank Leela

So now we need get Leela promoted to 3-Star rank and here’s what that will cost and what it will get you.

Star Badges: 8 Captain 3-Star Badges & 8 Generic 3-Star Badges
Nixonbucks: 29304

Promoting Leela to 3-Star rank unlocks the following passive:

No Depth Perception Needed: 15% chance to counter attack an enemy that attacks her.

Now Leela is flouting her 3-Star Rank you can get on with the job of levelling her up to Level 60. And the cost of this is as follows:

Nixonbucks: 705968
Career XP: 441130
Career XP in Peta Chips: 455 Peta Chips *you can use other size chips of course*

Once at Level 60, Leela cannot rise the level ladder any further until you promote her to a 4-Star Rank.

4 Star Rank Leela

So now we need get Leela promoted to 4-Star rank and here’s what that will cost and what it will get you.

Star Badges: 8 Captain 4-Star Badges & 8 Generic 4-Star Badges
Nixonbucks: 119016

Promoting Leela to 4-Star rank unlocks the following passive:

Boot Barrage: 15% chance to cause Bleeding for 2 turns.

Now Leela is flouting her 4-Star Rank you can get on with the job of levelling her up to Level 99. And the cost of this is as follows:

Nixonbucks: 2816528
Career XP: 1760330
Career XP in Peta Chips: 1815 Peta Chips *you can use other size chips of course*

Once at Level 99, Leela cannot currently be levelled any further.

Total Costs

Just to make your eyes water here’s the total cost of getting Leela from Level 1 to Level 99.


Star Badges: 8 Generic 2-Star Badges, 8 Generic 3-Star Badges, 8 Captain 3-Star Badges, 8 Generic 4-Star Badges, 8 Captain 4-Star Badges,

Nixonbucks: 3775064

Career XP: 2264780

Career XP in Peta Chips: 2335


Was She Worth It?

So is Leela a worthy promotion or a luxury you can’t afford?

Well in my opinion, and this is just mine, she’s a very worthy promotion to at least 60 as being a main character there’s always a chance she’ll be needed on gated mission paths.

Russian Tigger Class of 99’s!!!

So Leela is the first crew member to make it into my Class of 99’s. Who’ll be next? I’ll reveal all soon.

There you have it, the overall costs and benefits of promoting Leela. What do you think of levelling up so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any characters you’d like to see at 99?  Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


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  1. Good read! Pretty much all of my main characters are 50’s and I was just thinking of who to try and level up to four stars…. I’ve had Lrrr since Lrrr Strikes Back and just never used him 😭 Now with all I’m reading I may try and get him in the mix lol


  2. Good article and very nicely illustrated (as always)!

    I already had a lot of characters at level 30 when the star/badge system was launched and continue to promote most of my favourite new characters to this level. However, I still haven’t pushed many beyond that.

    The first character that I promoted to 3 star was Benjamin Franklin, giving him priority because of his class (scientist – my favourite), attack speed (slow – which helps me to score critical hits) and availability (an event character – so he’s rarely/never unavoidably engaged doing other things when I need him to crew a mission). I don’t consider or use passives as I haven’t really got enough motivation to learn about them and take the game that seriously.

    My next 3 star promotions were chosen for similar reasons as the first, with slight variations. I now have Benjamin Franklin 60, Amy 60, Blob 48, Professor 46, Hattie 44 and Hermes 36 (he’s not very useful at this level but was needed to pass through a mission gate).

    Hopefully won’t take too long to reach a full crew of level 60 characters; however they won’t be reaching level 99 (or even 61) anytime soon!


  3. My Lrrr is now on 97. I had considered leveling Leela up to 99 but chose Lrrr instead because he’s unique. He has a Splash attack and with Captain damage, that’s really sick. I’m now at 2230 damage for 3 enemies out the gate (targeting middle one) and that’s going up to 2,343. Nothing exciting about his Level 4 passive. I’m getting him to 99 and I just busted Amy out of 60 to 63 (to get first strike) but there’s just not enough money and chips to get her up so I’m focusing on Lrrr now.


    • I didn’t have Lrrr at that point, long story, but I got him during the Alpha event and he is a gladiator in battle – best 99 Captain by far. Good luck getting him those final steps to 99


  4. At the dawn of the new levelling system, when we were still playing the now defunct PvP and everything was new, Leela was part of my main team. I got her to level 50, until Lrrr replaced her.

    Last tuesday I promoted Lrrr to four stars, my first four star character. It took months to gather all the badges. Next candidate is Amy. After that, I don’t know. We are getting so many great characters lately, it is hard to choose. Not that it’s a bad thing.

    I try to slowly get the main cast at least to three stars for the gates, last event I promoted basic Bender.


    • I didn’t have Lrrr until after I started levelling up, once I got him I started throwing Levels his way. And levelling up main characters is very good plan as those mission gates keep rising.


  5. I’m going with Bender, who’s currently Lev. 62 with me.
    This wasn’t intentional as he was the first one I promoted past 30… But his special kept getting him killed.

    Fast – forward up 30+ levels and he’s taking the heat so that I can get past much tougher levels with every at the Lev. 30 cap.

    Still… I wonder if he’s the best Robot to upgrade or if I should use one of the Mafia Bots instead (Only have Joey and Clamps)

    Any advice?


    • If you’ve already put lot resources into Bender I’d carry on with him, yes the others may be little stronger but they aren’t a main character, and with no massive benefit to using either of them over him, then think about fact the levelled up Bender will have bonus of being handy for mission gates.


    • My main robot is Power Suit Scruffy, mainly for his Invulnerability self-buff when he uses his super. It’s gotten me through a few tough fights when he’s the only one left standing and can spam the super every turn because he’s getting hit multiple times and recharging it so fast. His tier 4 ability is useless, but I haven’t seen anyone else’s tier 3 that makes them replace Scruffy, yet.


  6. Thanks for the breakdown! Since everyone in my game is still below level 30 it definitely will be a long time till I get anyone to 99. The next goal is to get Amy to 3 stars, since she is my highest level character yet (27). So far, I never even attempted to get any badges for that, since the level requirement for those missions is 30. Meaning I have to get at least 5 of my peeps to level 30 before even trying… It will be expensive, in time and money and stuff. Btw, you didn’t factor in the cost to get all those badges – that is probably more of a challenge than collecting the money or the chips.


      • ojeh, I am not getting there any time soon… But at least I learned now how you get level-up material even though you can’t run the “right” missions. Trading badges. It still seems odd to me that you need to level up your crew so you can run the missions where you are supposed to collect the level-up-material…


        • I know, it’s making this a lot harder than it need be, hoping we will see a little movement and more badges from DOOP etc. I’d liked an event that purely dropped badges similar to the chip event when game was first launched


          • Aaand another question: in the store I can exchange 2* generic badges for generic 3* ones at the moment, but is there a possibility to get the specific badges through trading as well? The Daily Planet missions only start with the 3* badges (today it’s Delivery Boy), so where do I get the 2* job specific badges to trade up?


            • Yes on the 3* specific missions you’ll often get 2* badges which you can trade in for 3* badges. 10 2* Specifucs get you 1 3*, and further on you can trade 10 3* badges 1 4* badge


              • Thanks! So I have to run those level 30 missions with a level 30 crew to collect even the 2* badges after all. As soon as I have collected enough money and chips to actually get a level 30 crew I‘ll let you know how that worked out. 🙂


                  • Did the scientist badge easy mission a couple of times because I am done with the event for this week (shocker, I know!), and it isn‘t all that bad. I used maybe four or five health packs to get the required 8 3* red badges, and now I am proud owner of my first 3* character! Of course I am also flat broke, and can‘t even afford to get her to level 31. 🙂


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