Futurama Thoughts For Tomorrow – What’s next?

Welcome Futurists!!!

There I was working in the lab last night when a thought came to me, but sadly then it was gone and I was left staring blankly like something out of the day the earth stood stupid. So you’ll be spared my rambling thoughts on that eureka moment, but not however on what’s coming next! No there is no escaping from our Futurama Thoughts For Tomorrow post!!!

Warning Spoilers Ahead

So it’s been a super Dooper kind of week in old New New York, as we got a lot of new content thrown at us but with no clock ticking on having to unlock it. But now I can reveal a new event is on its way, and it’s something that’s even more other worldly than Bender could have ever imagined, if he weren’t a Robot with no imagination that is.  So reserve your fuel, cause it’s scarce where we’re going, and keep your eyes peeled for the latest update to hit our games!!!

~ Russian Tigger

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