Cornwood Ascending Event is coming!!! App Version 1.5.8 update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

Looks like we’re going on a new adventure very soon as an event related update is hitting our App Stores.

Yes, the latest version of the App, 1.5.8, is hitting App stores as I type. I’m currently seeing it on Android, so get checking your stores now. Remember your looking for App version 1.5.8. However please note the event itself is NOT live as yet, this is just preparing your game for when it hits. So you’ve still got time to grab a one way ticket out-of-town before the latest madness descends upon us. But hopefully this App Store event description will entice you to stick around.

The “CORNWOOD ASCENDING” Event is here for a Limited Time!

The Planet Express crew has been summoned back to the fantastic world of Cornwood! Strengthened by an ancient power, the evil Momon plans to control Cornwood and conquer all of the known alternate universes. It is up to the Planet Express crew to stop her!

So grab yourself an update and come back and join us in the live post when the event hits.

~ Russian Tigger


6 thoughts on “Cornwood Ascending Event is coming!!! App Version 1.5.8 update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

  1. Is anyone else not seeing any updates on the kindle? I haven’t even been able to update to the DOOP content. The amazon app store still lists version 1.5.6 last updated Feb 13th. Is this an amazon kindle issue and they are just late in adding updates? The Simpsons Tapped Out game gets updates the same time as google/apple. Why cant TinyCo or whoever’s responsible figure out amazon kindle?


    1. I know TinyCo are as frustrated as players about these delays. But they have no control over when the updates get pushed


  2. Really excited for this event! I was anticipating them doing a Cornwood event, but I didn’t think they’d do it before including Mom.


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