Daily Planet Reminder – It’s Nixonbucks Day on the Daily Planet

Yes Addicts you’ve now got 24 hours to start farming Career Chips as you’ll find Holler For A Dollar, Spoiled Rotten and Richie Rich available on the Daily Planet.IMG_1229These missions are available every Saturday from 4pm PST, but as I said you’ve only 24 hours to travel them, then they’re gone for another week. For more details on either mission please click the links below.

Holler For A Dollar

Spoiled Rotten

Richie Rich

And remember you’ll need your characters levelled up beyond the required minimums to win these Space Combats, don’t go in with a weak crew you’ll only waste fuel. Make sure you’re above the minimum at all times!!!

May The Nixonbucks Be With You!!!

~ Russian Tigger


4 thoughts on “Daily Planet Reminder – It’s Nixonbucks Day on the Daily Planet

  1. No need to run these missions as I grind around 12.500 nixonbucks every 3 hours on every day from my city tower farm. I think without them I would have stopped playing by now.


    1. Many don’t have such a productive tower farm. So mission grind it is. And with that I’m off into space….again


  2. With the upgrade to the Daily Payouts these missions are even more redundant than before. The only reason I’ve ever done them is to get the 100% payout, which of course I’ve only managed on Holler for a Dollar.


    1. The higher missions aren’t redundant, running them today I can level up quite a few characters, you can get between 40,000 – 60,000 Nixonbucks each run on harder missions, if I relied on daily payouts to level up I’d be here until the year 3000 😅😅😅 and the site would have no info.


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