Good News Everyone – Embassy Level 10 Glitch

The Level 10 Embassies glitch is being fixed by a new game update, App version 1.5.9. So keep an eye out in your App stores and update as soon as you can, currently I’m only seeing it on Android but it will be available on all platforms soon.


7 thoughts on “Good News Everyone – Embassy Level 10 Glitch

  1. Semi related. My Glab is stuck in the DOOP headquarters after finishing an action. Anyone know how to fix this?


  2. I sent one more mission for embassy and headquarters and got the same result there is still a glitch and I am running version 1.5 .9, I have abandoned all available missions until somebody says it actually is fixed.


  3. I spoke too soon, an Omicron Embassy mission that I sent last night came back this morning and did not increase my score from 11280 which is what both the Omicron and Martian embassies are, will there be any problem cancelling missions because there’s no point in doing them until this fix actually works?


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