Daily Planet Reminder – It’s Robot/Defender Badge Day on the Daily Planet

Yes Addicts you’ve now got 24 hours to start farming those 2/3/4-Star Robot Badges as you’ll find Upgrade It and Reinforced Steel available on the Daily Planet.IMG_0743These missions are available every Wednesday from 4pm PST, but as I said you’ve only 24 hours to travel them, then they’re gone for another week. For more details on either mission please click the links below.

Upgrade It

Reinforced Steel

And remember you’ll need your characters levelled up beyond the required minimums to win these Space Combats, don’t go in with a weak crew you’ll only waste fuel. Make sure you’re above the minimum at all times!!!

May The Four Star Badges Be With You!!!

~ Russian Tigger

4 thoughts on “Daily Planet Reminder – It’s Robot/Defender Badge Day on the Daily Planet

  1. Now I am confused – you say you need a crew above the minimum requirement (level 30) but you can’t get beyond level 30 without running these missions to get badges. What the…?!?!?


    1. You can run the path with Level 30 but it will be tough, so getting characters promoted and above this will make things easier. But the requirement levels for all Daily Planet missions are too high in my opinion and this is something I’ve constantly mentioned to TinyCo.


  2. WTF??? I had a total of 8 four star badges at end of mission, but was only given 3 badges. I was thrilled to have eight so I can rank up my level 30 robot. I can’t Zolberg, unless I rank up my characters, but I can never get four star badges!! Any advice?


    1. I’m unsure what you mean, are you saying you won 8 4 star badges in the cargo modes at the end of one mission? As that can’t be done, most you can win is 2 of the 4 star badges in each box. So 4 would be maximum on any space run. But I’ve ran Mission over 100 times and never got that, it’s mostly a mix of 2!star and 3 star badges, so are you sure that’s not what you won? You’re level 30 Robot requires 3 star badges to rank, you don’t use 4 star badges until level 60, so again this may be where you’re getting confused on your totals.


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