Cornwood Ascending Event Week 2 Alert!!!

Greetings Hobbits!

Looks like we’re continuing our epic fantasy with the cast and crew of the Planet Express as Bender’s imagination, or lack of it, sees them all in Cornwood Ascending.

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Class of 99s #2 – Amy Aims For The Stars

Hey there Addicts

So it’s time for your characters to climb the career ladder, yes they’ve hovered in the lowly ranks for long enough and now they need to take that one giant step for man, robot, alien, mutant or woman kind to reach that coveted 4-Star rank that will see them start their journey towards the ultimate goal of being a Level 99 character.

And as you know I decided to do posts tracking my characters progress as they aim to join my Class of 99’s. Promoting characters to 99 is not easy but I thought we might as well have some fun along the way looking at the various characters that make the ultimate journey from 1-99 in my game. And who are we going to be looking at today? Well Amy, as she had the great honour of being the first Scientist I took all the way to Level 99.

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Glab Trapped In Doop HQ Glitch

Tiny gremlins are still at work, and it looks like some of you are still finding Glab is trapped in your DOOP Headquarters after she completes her 10hr Keep The Peace task. You’ll find tapping on the task completion check mark just opens up the DOOP HQ Request screen rather than completing the task. But fear not there’s a workaround and I’m putting it up here again as some of you still seem unaware of it.


So if you want to know how to free Glab just read on….

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