Glab Trapped In Doop HQ Glitch

Tiny gremlins are still at work, and it looks like some of you are still finding Glab is trapped in your DOOP Headquarters after she completes her 10hr Keep The Peace task. You’ll find tapping on the task completion check mark just opens up the DOOP HQ Request screen rather than completing the task. But fear not there’s a workaround and I’m putting it up here again as some of you still seem unaware of it.


So if you want to know how to free Glab just read on….

The fix is easy enough, you’ve just got to tap the right spot on the DOOP HQ to free her, this may take a few attempts but believe me it works, I’ve tested it myself. The image below shows you exactly where to tap, just look at the arrow and tap at the curb, not on the building. Zooming in will help but as I say it can take few times to get it right.


So there you go, a workaround to free Glab. TinyCo are aware of the issue so hopefully a proper fix will be on its way very soon.

~ Russian Tigger


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