Cornwood Event Dice and Essence Trading

So TinyCo  seem to be listening to players requests a lot of late and today I want to zero in on one of the areas that they’ve introduced as a result of our feedback and show how it will help you not only progress in the event but also with levelling up your characters and such. Yes today I’m going to talk about the new resource trade-ins that have appeared with Week 2 of Cornwood Ascending.

Okay, firstly remember I’m also playing my own game the same as you guys, so I experience many of the same frustrations that a lack of event resources, Career Chips and Nixonbucks have caused. But it seems TinyCo are trying to address some of these, and I thought I’d do this posts as some players still seem to be unaware of the new event resources trade-ins.

There are 4 items you can trade-in at this time: Green Dice, Titanius Anglesmith Essence, Gynecaladriel Essence & Sir Knight Calculon Essence.


Now before I go further, remember this is to trade in excess of these items, so don’t go trading in any of your essence until you ensure you’ve more than the 150 needed to Rank up these characters fully. With that warning out-of-the-way here’s your trade-in options which can all be found in the event Tab in our stores.


This is essential to progressing this week as the Blue Dice are few and far between from our only other source, clearing Momon Guards.

Basically you can trade 3 Green Dice for 1 Blue Dice, it’s a straight swap in the store.

You can trade as many Green Dice as you want, so remember to keep clearing those Green Morcs to get more.


This is a little different, rather than a straight swap, 3 of any of the following Essence, Titanius Anglesmith Essence, Gynecaladriel Essence or Sir Knight Calculon Essence, will buy you a turn at opening a resource mystery box. Again you’ll find all 3 of these in your event tab in store.

Click on the Essence box you wish to convert your 3 essence for a try.

These are the prizes you can win in any of the boxes.

But again please don’t trade in Essence until you’ve built up an excess of 150, as this is what’s needed to Rank the characters up fully.

So there you have it a reminder that excess Green Dice and Essence is more useful than you think. Were you aware you could trade these in? Have you been doing any trades? If so what do you think of them?

– Russian Tigger

5 thoughts on “Cornwood Event Dice and Essence Trading

  1. Okay, here’s my big question: I have enough essence for Titanius to promot to LVL 60, but I’m not sure I have enough career chips or nixon bucks, and I think I may want to hang onto those for the rest of the event, so *after the event is over, will the essences still remain* so that I can level up Cornwood characters down the road? RT, please ask the devs.


    1. We are trying get a firm answer on that, we have been told any Essence you build up will stay after event but you won’t be able add more to the freemium unlocks. But trying get a 100% cast iron guarantee on it, will report back once I do


  2. It’s cool that you can trade in the essences. I’m not the biggest fan of the “prize boxes”, as I would prefer a consistent conversion rate, but getting to convert them at all is a plus.

    I just promoted my Titanius Anglesmith to level 61 and converted what I had in overstock, which was maybe 36 essence, or 12 prize boxes. Ended up with about 5,000 NB and a few Tera and Peta career chips. Better than nothing 👍


    1. This is the best opportunity to get past that 60 bottleneck, as the Cornwood event characters do not require the normal badge system to promote. Get on it now! I was sitting at that 60 bottleneck, with my face pressed up against the glass, for too long. This event has enabled me to fast-track a team to rank 4 and I’ve been reaping the rewards of the 60-gated pass on Nixonbucks Daily Planet all day!


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