Quick Questing: Zapp – Zapp Stallion

Greetings Earthlings!

You need not fear us. We come in peace and only wish you to take us to your Questline in order we can guide you through it.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the Zapp Stallion Questline.  

 Zapp Stallion Pt. 1

Have Zapp Sing Karaoke: 1hr

Completed Task 150  75 

 Zapp Stallion Pt. 2

Have Zapp Admire Himself: 4hrs
Have Amy & Kif Smooch: 6hrs

Completed Task 150  75 

 Zapp Stallion Pt. 3

Have Zapp Employ (Engage) Intergalactic Lovemaking: 8hrs
Have Leela Cough Disapprovingly: 4hrs

Completed Task 150  75 

There you have it, the lowdown on Zapp.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


18 thoughts on “Quick Questing: Zapp – Zapp Stallion

  1. I clicked other options for obtaining zap but it directed me to purchase nixonbucks…does that mean that there is a well hidden option to buy doop credentials with nixonbucks?


  2. Is it me or are things now blocked? It seems that Lev. 9 is the max and I can’t get any embassy to go to Lev. 10


    1. I thought the same thing, but it’s just the way leveling up bar makes it look after completing a mission while on level 9. If you click on an embassy, it shows how many points needed to get to level 10, and you will notice how much closer you get after each mission. I have all mine at level 10 now. Also noticing that level points keep adding after doing missions past level 10, so guessing there will be higher levels in the future.


  3. Have almost 60k in doop currency saved so far. Can’t decide if I should keep saving for Zapp, or get several of the other now available characters. Rather have Zapp, but the other characters could be out earning nixon bucks. If I spring for the other characters, it will be months & months to get back to being close to get Zapp. What to do… what to do.


    1. How about buy the characters and leave the outfits. Inez, Jrrr & Glab will On,y set you back 10000 Doop and as you say can be put to work.


  4. I’m really looking forward to getting Brannigan. He’s been one of the characters I’ve been wanting since the beginning. Currently have 50000 Doop – still a ways to go.


    1. You need be doing Requests timely as they appear. Doing so will get your Embassies up to Level 10 quicker, once there you’ve a chance of either 660 Doop or 330 Doop plus chips/badges etc. I usually have between 7-9 requests running and complete them as they are done, as of now 7hrs. So even doing this twice a day gets you a lot more Doop than 3000 a day. I’m averaging about 7,500-8,500 a day depending on whether I get the 660 Doop reward or the half Doop reward.

      I’ve not unlocked Leo yet so I’m aiming have him within 2 weeks.

      But to get everything I’ve unlocked so far, which is Jrrr, Inez, Doop Soldier Fry, Mini Golf Amy, Glab & Zapp it cost 118,200 Doop and I got that by playing a lot, insomnia is a great help in TinyCo games. I also used 10 Pizza, but it was only 10 and that was testing the fact if you use pizza to rush finish the Request, would it immediately trigger a new one, once they fixed it, it did. But as I say I only used 10 pizza this way, basically I rushed 10 requests once they were down to a few minutes to go and these only cost 1 pizza to complete.

      But my advice is just play at your own pace, Doop isn’t going anywhere, the characters and outfits will be there as long as it takes. Do not judge your play against mine as I have some pizza and insomnia to help me.


      1. It’ll take a while as I only have a handful of high level characters but it’s something else to send characters to do. Hopefully they make more use of this than Tan Lines Resort.


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