Cornwood Event – More Essence Trading

So TinyCo  seem to be listening to players requests a lot of late and today I want to zero in again on one of the areas that they’ve introduced as a result of our feedback and show how it will help you not only progress in the event but also with levelling up your characters and such. Yes there are some more resource trade-ins appearing in this final week of Cornwood Ascending.

Okay, firstly remember I’m also playing my own game the same as you guys, so I experience many of the same frustrations that a lack of event resources, Career Chips and Nixonbucks have caused. But it seems TinyCo are trying to address some of these, and I thought I’d do this posts as some players still seem to be unaware of the new event resources trade-ins.

There are 6 new items you can trade-in at this time: Ignus Essence, Leegola Essence, King Roberto Essence, Frydo Essence, Momon Essence & Larius Essence. And there’s still the previous 6, so you can now trade in and any and all excess essences.

Now before I go further, remember this is to trade in excess of these items, so don’t go trading in any of your essence until you ensure you’ve more than the 150 needed to Rank up these characters fully. With that warning out-of-the-way here’s your trade-in options which can all be found in the event Tab in our stores.


This is a little different, rather than a straight swap, 3 of any Essence will buy you a turn at opening a resource mystery box. Again you’ll find all of these trades in your event tab in store.

These are the prizes you can win in any of the boxes.

But again please don’t trade in Essence until you’ve built up an excess of 150, as this is what’s needed to Rank the characters up fully.

So there you have it a reminder that excess Essence is more useful than you think. Were you aware you could trade these in? Have you been doing any trades? If so what do you think of them?

– Russian Tigger

12 thoughts on “Cornwood Event – More Essence Trading

  1. Will the essence we have collected disappear when the event is over? I have enough to level some up but not enough bucks.


  2. I will be happy if I can collect enough to get them all to 3*, that would already be a huge improvement. Still need a couple more for Frydo, and a lot for Momon. She is the only one that probably won’t make it.

    Do you think there is any chance that they would do a re-run of this event where we can somehow earn the missing essences? I am still not sure if I should trade in anything or hope for a second go-round…


    1. It’s hard say as they change their mind on things often, they’ve said no just now but take screenshots of Essence before you trade, then store the screenshots incase they do make the Essence useful to upgrade in future. You could then argue you had Essence but traded it as at the time they said it wouldn’t be useful later


      1. Thanks for the suggestion, I will do that.
        They have brought other limited time event characters & costumes back, so here’s hoping! Seems also rather cruel to have no chance of further upgrading those guys after all the work I put into them. But all in all this was a rather nice event, the first time I actually managed to get past the first character in the first week. And since I liked it so much, I actually bought a bit of pizza and got the two premium brothers as well.


  3. On a separate note, did anyone unlock the 4th feat of strength? I have the other three ships, but with the event ending shortly… I don’t see a trigger for the fourth, or the grand prize.


  4. My game shows trade ins for 8 characters essence. I’m still confused on if I should trade some in or not.

    For example: I have 47/100 essence for Titanius to be able to level him again. I don’t plan on getting the 53 more essence needed before the event ends. What good will the 47 I have be? Wouldn’t it make since to trade them in for something before event end?

    Unless there is a future way to get essence for these characters, I see no reason to have any short of amount needed for a character level up. All my characters will be short of the last 100 needed for sure, is there any reason to keep any of it? Am I misunderstanding anything here? I didn’t get any premium items that drop essence, if that makes any difference.


  5. They’re also giving us the odds of each prize in the trade ins, located in the FAQ section for this event, in case you’re wondering why you keep getting the small prizes. I say, even if you get the minimums every time, it’s still better than having event currency go ‘POOF’ when it’s over. Hope this convenience continues on to new stuff.


  6. I noticed the trade-ins on my last time in the game. I then immediately came here to see if there was a change to needing essence after the event but it’s still required. That’s fine but I’ll not get enough of each to level the Cornwood characters to rank 4, only have enough for Titanius. The others could rank up some.


  7. I’ve been waiting for this. I just made about $140000 and a ton of career chips trading on the weeks 3 and 4 characters, and still saved 100 essences for each of them to upgrade to rank 4. This is now my new favorite event, given how easy it is to rank up characters with essence instead of badges.


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