Futurama Thoughts For Tomorrow – What’s next?

Welcome Futurists!!!

There I was working in the lab last night when a thought came to me, but sadly then it was gone and I was left staring blankly like something out of the day the earth stood stupid. So you’ll be spared my rambling thoughts on that eureka moment, but not however on what’s coming next! No there is no escaping from our Futurama Thoughts For Tomorrow post!!!

Warning Spoilers Ahead

So it’s been a fun month in Cornwood, where TinyCo got things very right. And what better way to continue the feel good factor than with a ‘funky’ new District coming soon. So chew on that titbit whilst your waiting for the latest update to hit our games!!!

~ Russian Tigger


2 thoughts on “Futurama Thoughts For Tomorrow – What’s next?

  1. Can’t wait for the update. My game has been freezing, 15 seconds in to play, and frozen the rest of the time. This is happening on both my Android phone and my Kindle tablet. Hope they hurry up with an update.


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