Uptown District Quick Tips!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Things are get getting frantically funky as we head to the Uptown District!!!. But before you head there, heed these tips.

You need to update your game to version 1.6.1 in your device appropriate App Store.

You wont trigger the Uptown District until you’ve completed the Government District Crab Boil Questline. So if you’ve updated and aren’t seeing the new content this is probably why, so complete Crab Boil and all will be revealed.

You’ll see new land but don’t rush to send your Robot/s to clear it, you’ll need a Robot to build Questline buildings.

You’ll also see new buildings and decorations in store, the buildings all cost in excess of 100,000 Nixonbucks. Buy them as the Questline dictates, this will keep you moving, slowly but surely. 

Be fuel smart, you’re going need a lot of it.

Start collecting that xp again as there’s a new Max Level of 80, so free fuel refills are back.

And finally be patient, it’s a District so there’s no rush to unlock everything.

Just a few points to remember as you wait for our full posts to go up, but there’s lot to go through so it’s going take bit time to get everything up but I’ll do it as quick as I can.

~ Russian Tigger


12 thoughts on “Uptown District Quick Tips!!!

  1. Nothing I need to worry about – at the moment I am trying to scrape together 3500 hypnotons to unlock Zoidberg‘s dumpster. It is going to take a while to reach the new district.


      1. I am in no rush, since this isn’t limited time. Unlocked Zoidberg’s Dumpster this morning, and have collected 4 Fishbones so far. If I read that right, Zoidberg will need quite some time (mainly the burgers), as will Nude Professor and Elzar afterwards. I foresee many an event coming and going before I will reach the new district. 😉


  2. The first mission is very difficult, my team got crushed. I have to wait until I leveled my entire team to 60+.


    1. Yes, these are tough missions – it’s a District so wait until you’ve got a stronger team. Remember how tough Amazonia was when it dropped.


  3. what a ripoff. tried the mission you have to complete in the first set of tasks with three level 54-53 scientists and 44 and 48 level healers and had no chance. wasted a ton of fuel though. don’t bother trying unless you have MUCH higher level characters.


      1. yeah i didn’t even see the suggested level as all my characters were higher and i didn’t expect a giant leap in difficulty


      1. Wait until you e levelled higher, remember this is a District so no rush. Remember Amazonia and how most of us had to level up to get through that


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