Uptown District Overview!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Guess we always knew Mom was probably a bit of an uptown girl in her day, so it’s only fitting she’s  coming to town in the new Uptown District and yes, she’s bringing her sons, Igner, Walt & Larry with her.

First up the boring bit, yes that’s where we tell you what you need to do to be able to unlock this much-anticipated district. Ok so here’s the deal, you’ll need to complete the  Crab Boil Questline, in doing this you will be ready to trigger the Uptown district. Remember as this is a district there’s no need to hurry, it’s not going anywhere!!!

And please before you dive in or panic please click this link look at these tips I posted, It may just save you worry  and fuel. 


Main Questline – Hypnowave Goodbye

Decapod 10 Finishing What We Started Missions

Amphibious 9 Drain The Swamp Mission

*If a link isn’t live yet it’s because we’re still working to bring you that post, so don’t worry it’s coming, just keep checking back*


The latest App Version is 1.6.1


New district so new land to open up.

Game max level raised to 80, which means fuel refills for levelling up are back.

Side Questlines completion rewards include Pizza, so don’t leave them gathering dust.


Larrys unlock requirements currently point to the wrong missions, this wil hopefully be fixed by time you get there but incase you’re rushing through, which I don’t advise, please note Shares drop from Drain The Swamp and Anti-Depressants from Hot and Humid, both these missions are on Amphibios 9.

Walts unlock requirements also currently point to the wrong missions, Shares drop from Mudbound and Down  and Gas Masks from Swimming In Cesspools.


The main Questline for this district is Hypnowave Goodbye.

You’ll find the full Questline post HERE!!!

***Please be aware you need to complete this and Part 1 of Igner, Larry & Walt’s Side Questlines to trigger the Operation Cheer Up Mom Questline that will finally bring Mom to your games to unlock***


Igner (Full Character – Delivery Boy/Cool): You will be directed to place him to start unlocking him at Hypnowave Goodbye Pt. 2.


10 Igner’s MomCorp Shares (Common): Get from Feeling Crabby Space Mission on Decapod 10
10 Mom’s Bras (Uncommon): Get from Being Shellfish Space Mission on Decapod 10
10 Owls (Rare): Amazonian Amy Do The Stilt Walker, Elzar Knock It Up A Notch
10 Pliers (Rare): Nude Professor Strut His Stuff, LaBarbara Shake Her Batty

Larry (Full Character – Defender/Brave):  You will be directed to place him to start unlocking him at Hypnowave Goodbye Pt. 6.


12 Larrys’s MomCorp Shares (Common): Get from Drain The Swamp Space Mission on Amphibios 9
12 Anti-depressants (Uncommon): Get from Hot And Humid Space Mission on Amphibios 9
12 MomCorp ID Badges (Rare): Zoidberg Dig Through The Trash, Igner Suck 
His Thumb
12 Dirty Uniform Shirts (Rare): Amazonian Amy Stay Up To The Task, Elzar Work On His Presentation 

Walt  (Full Character – Captain/Brainy): You will be directed to place him to start unlocking him at Hypnowave Goodbye Pt. 10.


13 Walt’s MomCorp Shares (Common): Get from Mudbound And Down Space Mission on Amphibios 9
13 Gas Masks (Uncommon): Get from Swimming In Cesspit Space Mission on Amphibios 9
13 Yellow Jumpsuits (Rare): Nude Professor Expose His Shame, Larry Collect Butterjunk Liquid

12 Dirty Uniform Shirts (Rare): Igner Hunt For Pretty Flowers, Zoidberg Give His Prognosis

Mom  (Full Character – Scientist): You will be directed to place her to start unlocking her at Operation Cheer Up Mom Pt. 2.


15 Universal Remote Controller (Common): Get from Cool Down and Aspire To Prespire  Space Missions on Amphibios 9
15 Red Lipstick (Uncommon): Get from Airing It Out and Tropical Nightmare Space Missions on Amphibios 9
15 Mom’s Majority MomCorp Shares (Rare): Walt Do Mom’s Bidding, Larry Collect Butterjunk Liquid, Igner Suck His Thumb

15 Mom’s Blasters (Epic): Walt Device A Master Plan, Larry Douse a Himself With Body Spray, Igner Hunt For Pretty Flowers


As with all districts there’s a bunch of buildings in the store.

Mombil Gas Station ~ 115,600

Mombil Processing Factory ~ 120,000 

Kif’s Parents House: 125,000 

Amphibious 9 Butterfly Reserve ~ 130,000 

Monsanto Yokel Dome ~ 135,000

EyePhone Store ~ 140,000 


As well as the above buildings there’s some new decorations to pretty up New New York.

MomCorp Billboard ~ 10,000

Mom Flying Banners ~ 10,000

MomCorp Spaceship~ 75,000

Smother Bros Pest Control Van ~ 25,000

Mom’s Hideaway Cabin ~ 50,000

Butterjunk Flower  ~ 5,000 

Amphibios Giant Tree  ~ 10,000 



And we’re on our travels again, as this Districts brings us no less than 11 new Space Missions to complete. Theee are located on Depacod 10 and eight are on the new planet Amphibios 9 these will unlock as you progress through the Main Questline.

Be aware these will take some time to navigate, they aren’t for the travel weary.  You’ll find more information on these in the Mission posts to come but you’ll initially be concentrating on Feeling Crabby and Being Shellfish as these will drop items to unlock Igner.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for the Uptown District.

What do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger


5 thoughts on “Uptown District Overview!!!

  1. As others have said in previous posts, the first space mission is very difficult. Tried with my top team between mixed levels of 55-60 and got destroyed, even wasting a bunch of revives and healings. They really need to adjust the “recommended level” for space missions, seems you need to be at least 10 levels higher now than recommended. I don’t mind difficult missions, but we need to know realistically what we need to get through Before we waste our time and resources. Gonna see a lot of unhappy players. I’m going to wait til I get my whole crew to level 60 before I bother to try this mission again, so gonna be awhile.


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