New Justice Team: Protectors Of New New York Event – Week 1 Overview!!!

Greetings Superheroes !

Yes it’s time for us to look out the lycra as it looks like we could be heroes just for one event, thanks to the New Justice Team: Protectors Of New New York event.


Dishing Out Justice Questline parts don’t match the prize track.


This isn’t a really tough first week, so enjoy it.

You will promote event characters and outfits with Disks instead of Badges.


The current App Version is 1.6.2


2nd May @ 3pm PDT


Main Questline – When Justice Calls

Space Missions – Your Friendly Neighbourhood Super Team Overview

Space Missions – The Eye Of Evil Space Missions Overview


The main Questline for this event is When Justice Calls and as requested I’m going to put the main questline post up and update it as I progress, you’ll find it by clicking HERE!!!

There’s a number of side questlines to guide you through the event game mechanics, try to follow these to maximise your materials.


Captain Yesterday (Character Outfit – Defender/Good) – You’ll find him in the Outfit-O-Magic.
 15 Captain Yesterday Disks (Always): Get from Your Friendly Neighbourhood Super Team Space Missions, Trading Hero Coins in the Store 

Superking (Character Outfit – Delivery Boy/Cool)  – You’ll find him in the Outfit-O-Magic.
 30 Superking Disks (Always): Trading Hero Coins in the Store

The Zookeeper (Full Character – Scientist/Evil) – Costs 250  Pizza and all his tasks drop Hero Medals.


The main event currency at this time is:

Hero Medals (Always): Your Friendly Neighbourhood Super Team Space Missions, The Eye Of Evil Space Missions, The Zookeeper – All tasks, Event Buildings, Museum Of Natural History, Buy from Store


The main event materials are:

 Captain Yesterday Disks (Always): Get from Your Friendly Neighbourhood Super Team Space Missions, Trading Hero Coins in the Store 

 Superking Disks (Always): Trading Hero Coins in the Store

 The Zookeeper Disks (Always): Trading Hero Coins in the Store 

 Hero Points (Always): Your Friendly Neighbourhood Super Team Space Missions, The Eye Of Evil Space Missions, Completing Questline Parts


As with all events there’s some new items in the store.

Museum Of Natural History  ~ 125  – Drops 35 Hero Medals every 8hrs

50 Hero Medals  ~ 75  

225 Hero Medals  ~ 250  


You will not use Badges to promote the event characters and outfits, instead you will use Disks. Yes, the very same Disks you had to collect to unlock some of the new outfuts. Here’s this weeks promotion costs. However remember this is simply to promote them, it does not include the costs in Chips and Nixonbucks to get them to the promotions levels of  10, 30 and 60.

Rank 2 promotion requires: 10 Disks

Rank 3 promotion requires: 40 Dosks

Rank 4 promotion requires: 100 Disks


And we’re on our travels again, as the event brings us 18 new Space Missions on Earth. There’s 15  Your Friendly Neighbourhood Super Team Space Missions and 3 The Eye Of Evil Space Missions.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Super Team Space Missions:

The first Your Friendly Neighbourhood Super Team Space Mission will unlock when you trigger the main Questline, then each subsequent mission will unlock as you complete a path on the previous one. They start off very, very easy and the difficulty starts to increase as usual as the missions go on, but they aren’t that hard. But the bad news is you’ll 3 fuel per stop to run these missions although they aren’t particularly long.  You can only run each mission once. You’ll find the overview post on the Your Friendly Neighbourhood Super Team Space Missions HERE.

Evil In The Eye Space Missions:

The Eye Of Evil Space Missions will unlock when you create Captain Yesterday outfit, and they have the new function whereby you can choose whether to run the map  at one of three difficulty levels, Easy, Medium or Hard.  Fuel costs are cheaper at 1 per stop for easy paths, 2 for medium paths and 3 fuel per stop on hard paths. You’ll find the overview post on the The Eye Of Evil Space Missions HERE.

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for week 1 of the New Justice Team: Protectors Of New New York eventWhat do you think of it so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Any items you’re excited about? Any items you immediately purchased? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

15 thoughts on “New Justice Team: Protectors Of New New York Event – Week 1 Overview!!!

  1. The pizza prices for the Hero Medals in the shop are ridiculous – 75 pizza for 50 medals? I average about 50 medals on the mission 3 easy path; 75 pizza pays for 3 fuel refills, enough for running the path 30 times = 1500 medals. Or about 5000 medals for 250 pizza. Even though that would be incredibly boring…


    1. I think they’ve made costs of them so high due to fact they are used to buy disks for levelling characters, the badge costs are inc ecubky high and I reckon they’ve used that as a price comparison for these, but I agree crazy costing


  2. I just don’t get the new easy/med/hard levels… Medium and hard are insanely harder than easy and waste 2/3 times more fuel (which is really scarce to begin with)… That would be ok if the reward was more than 2/3 times the reward of easy, but for the eye mission 3 it’s barely 10% more… Why would anyone do anything other than easy hundreds of times? The reward in the end will be at least two to three times what you get from the higher levels.


    1. For the Eye missions, well the Hard version of the 3rd mission pays out around 350 Hero Points, thsts the benefit


    2. They’ve changed the amount of medals for mission complete and inside the drop boxes for each mission. It used to be that the sweet spot for medals:fuel cost was doing the third mission on easy, but now it seems the sweet spot is doing the first mission on medium. You get more than double the medals, and even though it’s twice the fuel per run, you still get more medals than doing any of the easy missions. I’m stockpiling medals till I see what week two brings. I already have enough to buy 100 disks for someone, should I ever get enough badges and cash to level one up to 60.


  3. Wow. Cornwood was easy but this is trivially easy. I already have the two outfits and they will be both rank 3 by the end of today.


    1. The only hard thing in this event is to get enougth Hero Points to unlock the “New Justice Team HQ”
      This event is really easy if you don’t care about the “New Justice Team HQ”.

      But 50K Hero Points for the “New Justice Team HQ” will require a lot of graining….


  4. Hate to do it but going to pass on this event. Need to keep working on getting a level 60 crew, can’t afford to use any of my low resources on anything else right now. Hope it’s a fun event for everyone playing it!


    1. Hi Randy, in my case, this event is becoming the opportunity of taking 3 characters to rank 4 the easiest way.


  5. The first 15 missions in the first set give you enough resources to earn both Fry and Bender’s super costumes, which is why you can only do them once each. So far I’ve got Fry and Bender up to lvl 30, and ten disks into getting Fry up to rank 3. Like the last event, I’ll likely stop them both at rank 3 and concentrate on unlocking as many costumes/characters as possible. Kind of surprised Zookeeper isn’t classified as a Villain, since there are so few of them. Hopefully the one in week 2 will be.


  6. Glitches i have raised. Cryogenics drops two chips in animation now, but i only get 1. Ive bought bender disks and pizza king disks with coins. Recieved none both times. Ugh


  7. Thanks RT! Was so confused after finishing the main Space Mission Questline on how to keep earning Hero Points and Medals until I came here and learned about the Eye of Evil Space Mission.
    I bought Zookeeper right away but am now kinda regretting it. I’ll never level him up if what with medals going towards Captain Tomorrow and Superking.
    My advise to anyone so far is don’t waste your Pizzas on this event. I speeded through the original Space Missions by buying fuel as well and it seemed unnecessary. Should have just waited for it to accumulate over time.


  8. First we went to Cornwood, now a New Justice Team themed event? I have never been more excited for this game! ‘Less Than Hero’ has to be one of the best Futurama episodes of all time.


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