Good News Everyone! The Pitter, Patter Of TinyCo Potter feet is here!!!

As you may or may not know, Jam City, who now own TinyCo,  have been wizarding away, I mean working away, with Portkey Games to launch a new mobile role-playing game that will let you virtually attend Hogwarts Academy. Well all the wizarding has paid off as now the game is here!!!

Yes with a wave of Jam City’s wand Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has arrived in our App Stores. It’s available on both IOS and Android now. I’ve just downloaded it to have a play and wondered if anyone else will be joining me in checking out this whole new wizarding world.

If you have downloaded it, I’m sure you’ll agree the visuals are striking, but what about everything else? What do we all think of the latest Jam City game? Are there any Potter fans out there excited by this?  Chat about it here as this is the place for all your wizarding words.

~ Russian Tigger

3 thoughts on “Good News Everyone! The Pitter, Patter Of TinyCo Potter feet is here!!!

  1. I have heard so many negative reviews from beta players already, I don’t think I want to even start this. Especially if it is really that restricting with playing time; that’s the main reason I deleted the Zombie Castaway game which I really enjoyed otherwise.

    Oh, who am I kidding? I will try this myself anyway… 🙂


    1. We just can’t help ourselves can we 😜😜😜. Weird I was just going to download Zombie Castaway to give a whirl, the ad for the app always makes me smile, but you’ve made me reconsider


      1. By all means, give the Zombies a try, I don’t want to hold you back! There are a lot of people who love that game, maybe it’s just not for me. It was fun to play the first couple of days at least.

        I also did try the Harry Potter game yesterday, and as much as I wanted to, I don’t like it all that much. I ran out of energy within the first half hour of playing (the Devil’s Snare room), and that is just way to soon to capture your audience. Plus the game mechanics are a bit boring, it feels more like an interactive story, but the writing isn’t good enough to capture me on that level. Besides, if I want a story, I’d rather read a good book.

        Maybe it is to early to judge, but I would have thought you could at least wander around in Hogwarts and explore, but so far it looks like you can’t do anything but finish the tasks the game sets you, always by tapping the screen x times and swish your “wand” around. I’ll give it another try tonight, maybe it gets more interesting farther in.


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