Zapp Brannigan And The Doop Team Up For War Event Alert!!!

Greetings Super-Hereos!

Looks like we’re going to be protectors of the universe again with the Zapp Brannigan event that’s dropped in our games.

And remember I’ll be back with full details as soon as I’ve pulled all the info, so keep your eyes peeled for the live post but until then here’s what you’ll get you started moving along the main Questline.

Kif Starts

A Tarrific War Pt. 1

Complete Wartime Effort Mission 1: Located on Carcaron
Defeat 5 Osirians In A Deserted Race: Defeat 5 Ocarians in the A Deserted Race Misdion located on Carcaron


Fry Starts

A Tarrifc War Pt. 2 

Complete Wartime Effort Mission 2: Located on Carcaron
Complete Wartime Effort Mission 3: Located on Carcaron

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some Purple Hearts,  you know you want to!!!

~ Russian Tigger

6 thoughts on “Zapp Brannigan And The Doop Team Up For War Event Alert!!!

  1. Sigh, im about 50% of the way to getting Zapp, as im concentrating on getting Elzar :/ TinyCo keep racing ahead of their players and dont allow them time to finish stuff.


      1. Some like me don’t spend on the base version but still want to collect every outfit for all characters


        1. Yeah it’s tough if you like complete things. I don’t know why don’t just let you buy it and let it sit in storage until you unlock the character


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