Motherly Mom Is Here!!!

Greetings Mom Fans!

Looks like we’re going to be celebrating Mother’s Day by buying a new outfit for our Mom.

But be aware new Motherly Mom outfit is only in store until 14th May at 3PM PDT.

Motherly Mom (Character Outfit – Defender/Good) – Costs 270  Pizza and all  comes with 3 new Mom Of The Year Space Missions.


You will not use Badges to promote this outfit, instead you will use Mom Disks. Here’s her promotion costs. However remember this is simply to promote her, it does not include the costs in Chips and Nixonbucks to get her to the promotions levels of  10, 30 and 60.

Rank 2 promotion requires: 10 Disks

Rank 3 promotion requires: 40 Disks

Rank 4 promotion requires: 100 Disks

You’ll collect Disks from running the Mom Of The Year Space Missions, these are here to stay if you purchase the outfit, so there’s no rush to get the Disks over this Mother’s Day weekend.

~ Russian Tigger


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