Robot 1-XS Collect All Feature!!!

Hey there Tappers!

So looks like we’re not going to have to tap quite as much to get our hard-earned Nixonbucks as TinyCo decided to add something we’ve all been crying out for to the game, something MANY of you have requested…

Yes they’ve created a way to collect from a lot of buildings with just one tap… . Let me introduce the Robot 1-XS Vacuum!

In order to get this new feature you must update your game to Version 1.6.4, this is available in App Stores now.

You’ll then see the Robot 1-XS Vacuum Icon if you have at LEAST 8 of buildings ready to pay out. But be aware this will NOT collect Materials from buildings. So any buildings currently dropping Materials will NOT count or be able to have the Vacuum used on them, you’ll still need to manually tap them.

So here’s the Icon you’re looking for. You’ll find it towards the top left of your screen, under the Character Icon.

And as I said it will only appear once you have at LEAST 8 buildings ready to collect Nixonbucks and XP from. If you do NOT have at least 8 Buildings ready, the Icon will simply not show up.

Once you tap on Robot 1-XS’s Vacuum Icon the game will “sit” for just a few moments depending on how many buildings you have, then you will see the Taking It All In screen showing Robot 1-XS sucking up Nixonbucks with his Vacuum and the total Nixonbucks and xp that was collected from your New New York.

And there you have it, a cool feature brought into our games after player demand. I know it will save me a TON of tapping time.

What are your thoughts on Robot 1-XS’s Vacuum? Have you used it yet? Liking it?  Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger


6 thoughts on “Robot 1-XS Collect All Feature!!!

  1. I LOVE this new feature, and the fact that we’ve got some quest-free time to catch up with story line stuff. I’m currently working on getting the proper characters up to lv 30+ so I can unlock Zoidberg and attack some Decopodian quests.


  2. If you are close to Nixon buck limit you can abort at the collect screen then spend some bucks and come back to collect again.


  3. This feature will be great as my tapping finger is screaming mightily at the abuse I afflict on it multiple time a day.


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