No News Is Good News…. Or is it?

Good Evening Space Travellers!!!

Yes, it’s now been over 2 weeks with no new content and rumours of the demise of Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow are starting to run riot. Now I’m not going to pretend to know everything that’s going on, in fact at this time I know absolutely nothing. Honestly I know as much as you do, as myself and the other FWOT Ambassadors have not been updated on the situation by TinyCo as yet, but suffice to say as soon as one of us hears anything you’ll know about it.  Until then, let’s have a sing-song or something…..

20 thoughts on “No News Is Good News…. Or is it?

  1. was trying to level up Zoidberg… and was disappointed to find out, he only goes to level 67
    (no level 99 here) (a lot of time and clams spent, just to be disappointed)


  2. Just posted on reddit by TinyNixon:

    “Good news, everyone: the game is not dead!
    That being said, releases moving forward will be a bit more infrequent, not at the pace you were used to before. We are looking to release the next batch of content next month.”


  3. I haven’t even unlocked Zoidberg yet, let alone that dastardly devilish Mom.
    And Yeah Hey….They can’t kill the game without giving us Nibbler! He’s got the best voice!
    Not to mention I’ve got over 950 pizzas in the bank.


    1. That’s classic District pop up, but game is confusing, new content coming but not until next month by looks of it


      1. That’s fine. It took me forever to unlock Elzar, and I still have some grinding to do to get a crew up high enough to do the second Decapod 10 arc, and then I still have the district with Mom and sons after that. Too many events back to back makes the main game slow when you have to use people on events instead and fuel is limited.


  4. Saw this on Facebook:
    “Massive layoffs at the game company, was reported in the news. Many of their games are now handled only by a “skeleton crew”, which has the effect that new updates won’t happen as quickly as they used to. The only thing we ordinary players can do about it is wait patiently (and focus on the new district in the meanwhile?).”

    If you Google Jamcity layoffs, they definitely let some people go.


  5. The Simpsons Tapped Out went through a spell like this and it is still going 6 years later. They overloaded us with content and set unrealistic expectations for events. It will be fine.


      1. A friend of my ex-nephew-in-law’s, next-door-neighbor’s babysitter’s little brother of course 😉😎


  6. To be honest, I’m liking this downtime. Finally a chance to catch up on the main storyline, which I never have fuel for during events.


    1. They should gone bit slower from the start, there was a real overload of content for a while which drove players away.


  7. It’s been six days now since the game would even start for me. It’s traditionally been much worse at weekends (but always pretty bad), but not managed to get in since Saturday. Unless something improves the game’s over for me.


  8. To the tune of “Rawhide” grindin’ grindin’ grindin’
    Still lots of game left for me to work through, I’m fine with the breathing room.
    Money is involved so I can’t imagine an abrupt unplugging.


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