Quick Fire Futurama Quiz – Let’s Try Again!!!

Good Evening Space Travellers!!! Many apologies but a draft copy of the quiz posted yesterday, which probably left many of you baffled. But good news everyone this is the right version, so you can get testing your knowledge properly. Big thanks to the Addicts who alerted me in the comments, much appreciated!!!

Yes, it’s now been over a month with no new content so I thought I’d try keep us busy with a little fun quiz to keep your in the Futurama frame of mind.

And remember F is for Fun, Futurama and god forbid, Fail!!!

Oh and if you’d like to submit your own set questions and answers for a future Quick Fire Quiz, just email me your questions & answers to futuramaaddictsblog@gmail.com

Youll find the Quiz below, but if you’ve a new IOS device that jumps about when completing Google Forms, please click HERE for a more user friendly version of the Quiz.


12 thoughts on “Quick Fire Futurama Quiz – Let’s Try Again!!!

  1. It was nice with some cool down time.
    But now I’m ready for a new event.

    I have a full level 99 fighting crew in form of Lrrr, Leo, The Professor, Amy and Robot Santa. (all have splash damage)
    I have also fully level up Fry, Bender, Leela, Kif, Hermas and Doc Lobster so I have an a maxed out character of each type. (for space mission gates)
    I have level up all main story line characters and skins up to at least level 60.
    So I will say I’m as ready as I’m going to be for the next event

    TinyCo it is time for a new event or at least something to happen

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    1. Question: why do you use Leo and robot Santa instead of doc lobster? I find that non scientists hit harder by default so non scientist with splash are super strong.
      My crew is lrrr, doc lobster, amy, the professor and Bill Nye


      1. Using Zoidberg makes no sense to me. Since his special move poisons also your own team. My team is Lrrr, Grayfarn, Santa Robot, Bill Nye and Frodo
        Nibbler will be added, since he’s a splash-captain like Lrrr.
        And I will substitue Frodo by Leo, once I got him to 90.


  2. 100%. I am a little shocked at the lack of update at this point, but don’t mind the summer down time. Creeping along trying to gain levels…


    1. Even without an event to take up extra time, it has been taking quite some time to level up enough charachters to finish the Zoidberg\Decopod missions…I’m sure that the Mom missions will be even harder!
      Still enjoying the game though!


  3. Had to guess on the planet @ the center of the universe, but I guessed correctly, 5\5 on the first try.
    And I thought I was wasting time watching Futrurama reruns….Finally all those hours pay off!!!


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