Good News Everyone….

Good Evening Space Travellers!!!

Yes, it’s now been 2 months with no new content and rumours of the demise of Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow have been running riot. But fear not fellow travellers something is coming…. and it’s coming soon.


6 thoughts on “Good News Everyone….

  1. I’ve been enjoying the downtime. So far managed to get 3 of my main crew to rank 4, 1 more with rank up next week too. Also purchased all items from the Doop embasssies, although 7 items are recurring purchases.


  2. Nibbler!!!!
    Just played first event in months
    Step one unlock nibbler on Eternium! 😁
    Hurry up ends Aug 1st 😣


  3. Awesome!! So glad to hear we’ll be getting more new content soon. Do we know how soon yet it’ll be here?


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