Nixon & Agnew Are Back In Store!!!

Greetings Addicts!

Looks like we’re not getting a new event or any new content in our games this week but a popular character is making a return as Nixon & Agnew return to our stores.

You’ll get the character and  the Watergate Hotel building for 260 Pizza. But be aware he’s only back for a limited time, he’ll leave the store again on 13th August 2018 @ 3pm PDT. 

So are you going buy him, or have you already got him and are disappointed this is all there is?  Tell us in the comments below!!!

~ Russian Tigger

6 thoughts on “Nixon & Agnew Are Back In Store!!!

  1. I had to pass on this one. I was still rebuilding my pizza supply from buying fuel to gather enough disks to be able to level up Nibbler all the way.


  2. Would love it more if it wasn’t for pizza again. If they bring a premium character or building back a second time, it should be earned an alternate way. I didn’t get him the first time because of the pizza. Why would I spend pizza now? Put him in the Doop stuff and let me earn him slowly like Zapp. I’d be ok with that.


  3. So he’s available to buy, for pizza, yet he’s only around for like 2-3 days.

    They should put him in Doop for a huge amount of coins like they did with Zapp and Leo.
    They should look to put ALL previously existing (possibly non-premium) characters in Doop.
    They should also put upgrade disks in Doop too.

    Stops it becoming useless/pointless and lets players continue to work towards something different between events (instead of grinding for upgrade badges).


  4. I purchased him. I’m ok with no new content at the moment, I mean it would be nice but I’m trying to get enough scientist badges to get my last 5th rank 4 character. It’s nice to do it without distractions of questlines. 😀


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