Fiona Overview!!!

Greetings Space Travellers!!!

Looks like our overlord masters at TinyCo have finally decided to give us something to nibble on with the Good News Everyone Mystery Box.


In the initial release some of us didn’t see Fiona as a prize in the box, this s should be fixed now!!!

In my game I’m having some Character quests that I already completed trigger again.


This is all there is, a mystery box, this isn’t an event.

You will promote Fiona with Disks instead of Badges. These Disks at this time can only be won in the mystery box.


The current App Version is 1.6.4


There is no main Questline as this is simply a Mystery Box release.


Fiona (Full Character – Scientist/Brave) – You’ll find her as the main prize in the Good News Everyone Mystery Box which costs 175  per try. You’ll find full details of the mystery box HERE.


You will not use Badges to promote the event characters and outfits, instead you will use Disks. Here’s Fiona’s disk promotion costs. However remember this is simply to promote her, it does not include the costs in Chips and Nixonbucks to get her to the promotions levels of  10, 30 and 60.

Rank 2 promotion requires: 10 Disks

Rank 3 promotion requires: 40 Disks

Rank 4 promotion requires: 100 Disks

There you have the overall Basics that I can give you for FionaWhat do you think of her so far? Any thoughts on her promotion Disks only being available in the premium mystery box? Let us know in the comments.

~ Russian Tigger

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