No News Is Good News…. Or is it?

Good Evening Space Travellers!!!

Yes, it’s now been over 3 weeks with no new content and there’s those persistent rumours of the demise of Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow. Now I’m not going to pretend to know everything that’s going on, in fact at this time I know absolutely nothing. Honestly I know as much as you do, as myself and the other FWOT Ambassadors have again not been updated on the situation by TinyCo, but suffice to say as soon as one of us hears anything you’ll know about it.  Until then, let’s have a sing-song again…..


15 thoughts on “No News Is Good News…. Or is it?

  1. I see where the Good News Mystery Box now shows Fry in a spacesuit instead of The Professor. Also, a week ago Mr. Peppy was available for me to purchase. The devs roll out these little changes here and there. So I guess the game is limping along. Over the summer I finally got Zapp out of the Doop HQ, and I was able to unlock Leo Wong in less than 5 weeks IIRC. Finally got Mom unlocked about 2 weeks ago. I have close to 90,000 hypnotons saved up. I have no idea about the future of this game.


  2. like other commenters, i too am just working on levelling up characters. saturday and sunday are the best days for chips and bucks.
    I’ve got 5 characters to over lvl.80 but it’s gonna be another few million to get up to lvl.99

    they did too much too soon, if they’d have spaced it out a bit more we wouldn’t go through months of lulls between content drops.
    it’s getting close to halloween so they could drop a halloween style event which includes the robot devil and other horror characters (robots or bad guy heads)


  3. I’ve still got lots of charachters to level up, my highest is still only @ lv54. Definitely look forward to those Career Chip and Nixonbuck days! About 3\4 of the way through the Decopod 10 missions, trying to collect toques to unlock Elzar.


  4. gave up on Tinyco, the only way FWOT returns, is glean cash from the the remaining few… take a close look at the other games they created and you will understand.


  5. I’ve been trying to come up with more content that they could actually do, without hiring animators and writers to create stuff that wasn’t on the show, but I think what’s really going on is that they’ve run out of material. If the show had gone on a few more years, or was even still going, like the Simpsons or Family Guy, they’d have plenty to draw from. There really aren’t any more characters worth putting in that aren’t already in, and thus, no new major content. I’ll be surprised if we get anything but more additions to the grab-bag box for old characters and costumes.


    1. There are still plenty of great characters to add.

      Prof. Wernstom, Dr. Banjo, Fatbot, Gunter, Harold Zoid, Fishy Joe’s,
      The rest of the Waterfall family (that itself could be an event even)


  6. This is truly aggravating , doesn’t TinyCo know the longer they wait the more money, and most important the more gamers they lose from impatience ? I’m almost to that point and I am a player who spends money or spent anyway.


  7. Just a note that may give us hope. I was unable to fully level my heroes from an episode. While looking at Hermafroditee on the promote tab to go to rank 4, I see that I need his essence 2/100. When i click it to try to determine how to get more, I get the message: “Available when the Cornwood event returns!”


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