Good News Everyone Mystery Box Glitch Is Fixed….

Good Evening Addicts!!!

Looks like the wicked glitch is dead. Yes, the issue that meant some of us couldn’t see Nibblonian Soldier Fry in the premium Good News Everyone Mystery Box has been fixed.

I had this issue and just managed to buy him with no errors. So what you waiting for, go check it out!!!

~ Russian Tigger

7 thoughts on “Good News Everyone Mystery Box Glitch Is Fixed….

    1. I’m still plodding along, just got to the second round of Decapod missions. The best days are the Career Chip & Nixonbuck mission days on the Daily Planet!


    2. I still check in every day, but I have no quests to complete, having a week or so ago finally leveled Mom up to 60. I decided to 100% the Decapod quests and continue to level up characters to eventually complete Amphibios. Unless they shut down the servers first. If they dropped the pizza price on characters I don’t have to something reasonable (25 slices instead of 175), I’d actually throw a little money at the game.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that there’s a new spotlight piece in the Apple AppStore that features a Worlds if Tomorrow story segment and it makes it seem as though the game won’t be going away anytime soon….but they neglect mentioning the stall or lack of further developments. Anyway, I didn’t know if you wanted to check this featured story about the game in the AppStore for yourself, and maybe use this as a positive sounding board for the gamers that read your blogs. Thank you!


    1. I got a splash screen over the weekend that a new area is to be released soon….and a new charachter available in the mystery box!


  2. Finally I could get Nibblonian Soldier Fry, but is it just me (another glitch?) or is there no questline associated with this character / costume?


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