App Version 1.6.6 update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

Good Evening Space Travellers!!!

Looks like we’re getting some game improvements and bug fixes for our games with the  latest update, Version 1.6.6 to hit our App stores. ‘m currently seeing it on IOS but not Android sadly there’s n new content. But here’s a rundown of what it contains.

New Features

  • Professor Farnworths Tracking Device – tap the Magnifying Glass or hold in the Character Task Icon Button to launch
  • New Level Up Screen Design

Remember this is an update just updating features, there’s no new event, but perhaps this is a sign that FWOT is making a come back. Only time will tell but I’m hopeful this might be the start of something.

~ Russian Tigger


4 thoughts on “App Version 1.6.6 update hitting App Stores NOW!!!

    1. If all your characters are on tasks you’ll see a magnifying glass over On left. If you’ve characters available just hold down the character icon near the top left, don’t just tap it, hold it down – voila.

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  1. That is good news! I really want to start playing this game more often but I still can’t get passed the “Feeling Crabby” mission.


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