New Content Alert – Robot Mayor

Good Evening Patient Players!!!

Looks like we’re getting a little chance to win a get a new character in our games.

What’s new in the game? Well just one new character, Robot Mayor, but hey something’s better than nothing.

Robot Mayor (comes with Robot Homeworld Civic Hub) – Influencer/Brainy ~ Costs 100

I’ve unlocked him and as yet no Questline has triggered. I’ll keep checking and post it up if one drops.

So what you waiting for, go check it out and decide if you’re going to buy him, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!!!

~ Russian Tigger


8 thoughts on “New Content Alert – Robot Mayor

  1. Sweet Zombie Jesus!

    Just wanted to give a Planet Express delivered hello to anyone still haunting this game. You are not alone!


      1. Is there still anyone out there? I’m late to the game (started last month) and I can’t seem t find any posts later than October 2019.


  2. Too bad they’re slowly letting the game die. It had so much promise. I take it that once you complete the last Hypnowave Quest, it’s finished? Just keep collecting and leveling characters? On the bright side, once you finish the missions and level all the characters you can store all the extra buildings used to max currency and chip earnings and reorganize NNY.


    1. To be honest once you level up characters they are all useful as the things they need to do aren’t being increased in difficulty now


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