Tell Jam City what you want, what you really, really want to see in the FWOT game in 2020!

So the New Year partying is over, the fireworks have burnt out, the sseason of goodwill is behind us and the game continues in deep sleep mode. However despite my own belief that the game won’t be brought back to life, someone asked I put up a post asking for the thoughts of those that are still playing.

So take this final opportunity to tell Jam City if you want the game to return and if it were to come back what YOU want to see in the Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow game.


38 thoughts on “Tell Jam City what you want, what you really, really want to see in the FWOT game in 2020!

  1. Ive basically completed the game, no mystery boxes to buy, all outfits … Wish they would re-run if not create new events.


  2. I think that the DOOP Embassy should have been a way to purchase character disks for leveling up, rather than on a limited time planet or in the Good News box. Could be either for purchase with DOOP coins directly or from running a super hard DOOP mission (takes multiple level 99 characters to guarantee victory). Or maybe spend a bunch of DOOP coins for temporary wormhole access to the limited time planet where they had the disks, so this could be a separate screen away from other, regular planets.


  3. make a event/app similar to “Quahog Historical Society ” for Futurama, so that we can earn the characters/costumes that we have missed.


  4. Can we bring ALL the remaining event characters who weren’t in the Good News Everyone Mystery Box including the Preacherbot, Ben Franklin, Bee Bender, Neil deGrasse Tyson, George Takei, Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking, Flexo, Bender’s Mom, Chris Hardwick, the An Xmas Xarol characters, the Island of Lost Bots characters, the Love is in the Air characters, the MonCon 3018 characters, the Cornwood Ascending characters, the New Justice Team characters and the Zapp Brannigan Event characters back?

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    1. They should bring up all the planets we who joined after the events so we can do them.

      I just finished the game in a year and a half today. Started February 2019 and finished it today July 3 2020


  5. Morning.
    New to the game, not very good with computers and whatnot.
    Long term viewer of the show.

    A couple of questions, sorry if they are daft, but im not very technical:

    What are “Good News everyone” updates ?
    Why does it tell me I have 15/8 when trying to level up, but I can’t use them ?
    Which is best to get first: the embassies or levelling up the characters ?

    And any easy to follow tips would be helpful too.

    Thanks in advance from a wet Kent.



    1. Levelling up charCters first. If you’ve got the 15/8 and can’t level up, you’ve probably,y not got the other stuff needed, cash, chips etc.


  6. Obviously new content.

    But since that’s a long shot: re-run old events, bring back PVP, make daily missions available all week, discs for other characters available in mystery box.


  7. I would play more regularly if it were easier to level up the characters. I think I have some in the 70s. It’s just too much of a grind. Even if there wasn’t necessarily new content, I’d probably max out at least a few of the ones I like and 100% the different routes on the planets.


  8. I’d be happy if they just replayed old events. In its first year, the game was just a non-stop assault of special events (Robot Devil, Xmas, etc.) and they were always around for far too short a time and with too much to do. The hard work has already been done at their end.

    Also, use something else rather than Facebook for saving games between devices.


  9. What I would like? Land, new characters, new events or repeat old ones, and Jam City to put a little effort into the game.


  10. The game is dead in the water. Now’s the perfect time to let WillBits run a mercenary event. Just let him build a mercenary event, what have you got to lose?


  11. Round 2 of comments from the FB group:

    Bill – “I enjoyed the player vs player games”

    Graham – “Anything”

    Luis – “New events and pvp please. Even second chances at old events.”


  12. I have the first round of Facebook comments from here –

    Mike – “Simple start, to unlock old events so new players can enjoy and old players can try to sweep up what we missed”

    “How about just a bit of new ‘blank’ land so we can continue building our cities if their servers could handle it?”

    Matt – “Some brand new events would be awesome”

    Drew – “If tinyco wont add new events then Unlimited old events.”

    Jared – “DO SOMETHING!!!”

    Jeremy – “Please bring the old events into some kind of rotation. At the very least, put the discs or elements needed to level these characters we have in the mystery box..”

    Ronald – “UNIVERSE BATTLES!”

    My own thoughts – PVP would be the most welcome thing. Just to allow it to automatically churn over, rewards of Nixonbucks and career chips etc. In addition, DOOP embassies for previous events rather than repeating them may be simpler?

    May have more to share too.

    And then Reddit;

    “Literally anything.”

    “Hoo boy, loving Tigger’s optimism here, but I wonder.”


  13. I want an event, something small with a premium character and 1 or 2 free ones, maybe returning free characters. This way they could test the waters to see if we could bring the game back to life

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  14. I just want the game to be like it was when it started. I want it to get the support it deserves and events and content. I want to see the game come back to life


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