Trouble On Eternium Event Overview!!!

Greetings Space Travellers!!!

Looks like our overlord masters at TinyCo have finally decided to give us something to nibble on with the Trouble On Eternium event.

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Quick Fire Futurama Quiz – Let’s Try Again!!!

Good Evening Space Travellers!!! Many apologies but a draft copy of the quiz posted yesterday, which probably left many of you baffled. But good news everyone this is the right version, so you can get testing your knowledge properly. Big thanks to the Addicts who alerted me in the comments, much appreciated!!!

Yes, it’s now been over a month with no new content so I thought I’d try keep us busy with a little fun quiz to keep your in the Futurama frame of mind.

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Quick Questing: Pharaoh Bender – All Hail Pharaoh Bender

Greetings Earthlings!

You need not fear us. We come in peace and only wish you to take us to your Questline in order we can guide you through it.

Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the All Hail Pharaoh Bender Questline.  **Please note this outfit is an IOS exclusive** Continue reading “Quick Questing: Pharaoh Bender – All Hail Pharaoh Bender”

Good News Everyone!!! The Game Lives On….

Good Evening Space Travellers!!!

Yes, at last, finally we are seeing signs of life aboard the good ship TinyCo, and confirmation has come that Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow will indeed go on.

However not as we know it Addicts, as we will be seeing new content and updates less often. Although in my mind this isn’t a bad thing, as too much too soon was making the game less fun than it ought to be.

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No News Is Good News…. Or is it?

Good Evening Space Travellers!!!

Yes, it’s now been over 2 weeks with no new content and rumours of the demise of Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow are starting to run riot. Now I’m not going to pretend to know everything that’s going on, in fact at this time I know absolutely nothing. Honestly I know as much as you do, as myself and the other FWOT Ambassadors have not been updated on the situation by TinyCo as yet, but suffice to say as soon as one of us hears anything you’ll know about it.  Until then, let’s have a sing-song or something…..

Good News Everyone…. Characters and Outfits Lists Updated

Yes , since our downtime continues, I’ve taken the chance to update the full list of characters and outfits released in the game so far. So if you want to check what you’ve got or not got, just click on the links below.

96 Characters released to date (26th May 2018) – Click for full list


52 Outfits released to date (26th May 2018) – Click for full list

Good News Everyone…. We’re getting a break!!!!

Good Evening Space Travellers!!!

Yes you read that right. TinyCo have informed us there’s no new content or event looming this week so use this  downtime wisely. You could work through district content you’ve still to unlock, run more Doop missions, level up your A-Team or maybe just take a break from playing. The choice is yours….

WARNING!!! The end is nigh…… Zapp Brannigan And The Doop Team Up For War

Worry not puny Earthlings!!!

It’s not the end of days. Nor is it the end of the world. It’s only the end of the Zapp Brannigan And The Doop Team Up For War event, and as much as you’re probably thinking “I need more time”, I’m afraid to say it’s running out as the event finishes on the 16th May at 3Pm PDT.

So good luck to Addicts everywhere!!! With this event being a bit easier than usual again I’m not going to do an End of Event poll, but there will be new posts about any new content up as soon as it drops.

~ Russian Tigger

Robot 1-XS Collect All Feature!!!

Hey there Tappers!

So looks like we’re not going to have to tap quite as much to get our hard-earned Nixonbucks as TinyCo decided to add something we’ve all been crying out for to the game, something MANY of you have requested…

Yes they’ve created a way to collect from a lot of buildings with just one tap… . Let me introduce the Robot 1-XS Vacuum!

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