Futurama Thoughts, with a sprinkling of FGQFS & Tapped Out on top!!!

So after a long time in the promoting,  Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow finally hit our App stores at the end of June, and since there wasn’t a dedicated Addicts site devoted to it until last week I’ve been occasionally chatting about it and the other games I play over at the FG Addicts site. Since these posts were quite popular I thought I’d still do a little post now and then where we could discuss the latest goings on at Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow (FWOT), Family Guy: Quest For Stuff (FGQFS) and Tapped Out (TSTO).

If you’re a regular reader over at FGA, you’ll know I previously admitted that back in June I decided I needed even more madness in my life so am now playing all 3 games. That’s a lot of long trips to the potty room let me tell you. And talking of all things potty just what are my thoughts on the 3 games at this moment in time? Read on to find out….

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Welcome To The Angry Dome

Greetings Angry Humans!!!

What The F…. Hey, hold on guys, let me finish. F is for Futurama. Just what on earth were you lot thinking?

Yes it’s a little know fact that in space no one can hear you swear!!! But that might be a little far to travel to let off some steam, so we thought we’d bring a little bit of space to you.

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Space Mission – Return To Junkleon 7

Greetings Space Cadets!!!

You need not fear us, we come in peace and only wish to supply you with information. And today’s out of this world mutterings concern Space Missions.

Space is quite literally the Futurama frontier, it’s where us Addicts boldly go to fight intergalactic villains and to gather resources. Want to know more? If so, join us after the fold.

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Should I Spend Pizza? Feldspar Queen

Hello Humans!!!

Head spinning with all the intergalactic trade that’s going on in FWOT? Pizza burning a whole in your pocket whenever a new premium item falls from the skies into our stores?

Yes, the temptation with games like FWOT is just to buy, buy, buy!!! But do this and before you know it you’ll be sitting counting the costs as your Pizza will disappear faster than Fry when there’s work yo be done!!! So we’re here to help you decide what’s worth spending your precious Pizza on,  and what’s not as it’s just plain old space junk. Today we’re going to talk about the Feldspar Queen.

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An Auditory Adventure Event is LIVE!!!

Greetings Earthlings!

Welcome to the latest event to hit our games. Are you listening Addicts as we are about to bring you all the Space Junk, okay information, to help you though the minefield that is An Auditory Adventure.

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