It’s almost time for HELLoween

Good Evening Devil Worshipers!!!

Looks like we’re going to be dancing with the Robot Devil in this upcoming hellish new event!!! So keep your eyes peeled for a frightful update hitting your game soon!!!

And renember we’ll be back with details of all the thrills and chills in store as soon as the event goes live. 


Good News Everyone! New Futurama Episode!

Good News Everyone!  There’s a new episode of Futurama out today!

It’s only been teased in the game and on TinyCo sites for weeks now…so I’m sure you all already knew.  Heck we even talked about it earlier on this site…but if you’ve been living under a rock a pretty cool thing happened, the creators and voiced actors of Futurama got together to make a PODCAST (ie Audio only) version of Futurama!  1 new Double Episode of Futurama!  Pretty Cool!

So for those that want to take a listen, here it is….

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Futurama News Flash – Radiorama

Good Evening Earthlings!!!

We have ways of making you read our News Broadcasts.  Just look into my eyes……

Today in the Futurama universe there’s been an interesting develo……..

*a loud crackling noise suddenly interrupts the briadcast*

Can you still hear me? I don’t think they can hear me anymore? God can anyone hear me? I really don’t get paid enough Pizza for this you know. Please tell me in Space someone can hear me scream at least!

Oh you can hear me, that’s good, then continue reading for our latest Futurama scoop!

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