Completion Comes At A Price – Island Of The Bots Space Missions Phase 1

Hey there Addicts!!!

So it’s time for our obsession gene to kick in as TinyCo is dangling that 100% Mission completion carrot in front of us again. Well it’s more a pizza popper or 2 they’re dangling but who cares about such tiny details? Well we do, that’s who. So I thought I’d do a quick math post, I’m having to do it as the Professor is still trapped in a nudist void, so forgive me if 2+2=42.

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Good News Everyone – Alpha Event Boxes And Pizza Converter will stay until 26th January @ 3PM PST

This isn’t just good news but an essential change as it means you’ll now have time to collect this rounds PVP Universe tier rewards and use them to open Alpha event boxes and convert any Pizza Poppers into Pizza after the official event end date. The event Missions will however leave as previously stated, this is just a bit of extra time to use up event currencies earned before then.

So what you waiting for, go grab yourself some more PvP battle points.

~ Russian Tigger