Returning Content Alert – Trouble In Eternium: Nbblers New Society

Good Evening Patient Players!!!

Looks like we’re getting something reruns in our game, and the first event to be revisited is Trouble In Eternium. This is the event that brought Nibbler to our games and I covered it in this post, Trouble In Eternium Overview.

So if you missed this before go check it out now.


21 thoughts on “Returning Content Alert – Trouble In Eternium: Nbblers New Society

  1. It felt like this repeat event didn’t really work properly. The missions disappeared after my initial run and asking support about it their replies were dismissive and made no sense.

    The whole thing came and went almost unnoticed… hopefully I didn’t miss anything, as I probably already had all the content, unless there was a hidden premium that I wasn’t aware of… checking the wiki it only mentions Nibbler, which is fine as I earned him when first released.


  2. Don’t publicly post my comment. Got something weird added to it. Not surre how that happened. But I hope my post makes sense


  3. hello there!
    I’m kinda new here, i’ve been playing for a couple of months now. I’m currently working on Elzar. A couple days back, i receive a notification that Cornwood is coming back… it’s been a couple of days now. Do anyone knows when will the event come out?


  4. Just to check, is the game actually still working? For the last weeks I’m always getting a “Could not connect to server” message… I have even installed it on other phone and get the same thing…


  5. Hey FWoT addict, so i’m kinda new here. I’ve been playing for a couple of months. I played before a couple years back. I currently working on the goverment district, on Elzar. But a couple days before i receive a notification in the game that Cornwood Ascending is coming back? It says it will come soon… But it’s been a couple of days. Do anybody knows what this mean?


  6. Happy to have something back at least. By the way, there’s a bug that’s affecting those with Big Brain.

    If you complete all three maps, you can’t access it again, so make sure you just keep running the first two!

    Do you think there’s more to come?


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