Cornwood Ascending has returned…

Cornwood Ascending is back!!!

The event will run until Thursday 7th January at 10am PST.

If you want any information on the original events I covered the event in the following weekly overview posts.

Week 1 – Overview
Week 2 – Overview
Week 3 – Overview
Week 4 – Overview

There does seem to be a repeat of the original Questlines and a  the 48 hour challenges for players like myself who completed the original event to do again if we so please. The posts for them are below.

Week 1 Questline
Week 1 Challenge
Week 2 Questline
Week 2 Challenge
Week 3 Questline
Week 3 Challenge
Week 4 Questline
Week 4 Challenge


5 thoughts on “Cornwood Ascending has returned…

  1. This is welcome. I’ve picked up Sir Knight Calculon using free pizza as I didn’t have enough to get him previously. Now working on upgrading him to level 99 whilst also ticking off the quests. Is it all the same as before? I can’t remember. I do hope to earn some of the rarer promotion essences that I didn’t acquire a full set of originally (those for Momon and Frydo that I think were only released during the final week); not much opportunity for that yet, but hopefully there will be later.

    I’d also like to acquire the King Roberto costume this time, another premium that I think is the only other character I didn’t get from the original event. He’s not currently available; although there’s a message at the Outfit-O-Matic which suggests he should be returning soon. The event messaging seems kinda messed up though, so who knows…


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