Cornwood Ascending has returned…

Cornwood Ascending is back!!!

The event will run until Thursday 7th January at 10am PST.

If you want any information on the original events I covered the event in the following weekly overview posts.

Week 1 – Overview
Week 2 – Overview
Week 3 – Overview
Week 4 – Overview

There does seem to be a repeat of the original Questlines and a  the 48 hour challenges for players like myself who completed the original event to do again if we so please. The posts for them are below.

Week 1 Questline
Week 1 Challenge
Week 2 Questline
Week 2 Challenge
Week 3 Questline
Week 3 Challenge
Week 4 Questline
Week 4 Challenge



13 thoughts on “Cornwood Ascending has returned…

  1. Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow is closing on 20th April 2023.

    In recent years it was awarding me 93 pizza every time I logged in, has that been the same for everyone? I’ve reached almost 100,000 pizza right now, lol!


  2. This is welcome. I’ve picked up Sir Knight Calculon using free pizza as I didn’t have enough to get him previously. Now working on upgrading him to level 99 whilst also ticking off the quests. Is it all the same as before? I can’t remember. I do hope to earn some of the rarer promotion essences that I didn’t acquire a full set of originally (those for Momon and Frydo that I think were only released during the final week); not much opportunity for that yet, but hopefully there will be later.

    I’d also like to acquire the King Roberto costume this time, another premium that I think is the only other character I didn’t get from the original event. He’s not currently available; although there’s a message at the Outfit-O-Matic which suggests he should be returning soon. The event messaging seems kinda messed up though, so who knows…


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