Addicts Guidelines

Welcome to the Addicts. We are a group of avid players that are here to help and assist other fellow players all we can. That being said, we do have Guidelines that we follow on our blog and ask our readers to follow as well.

BE KIND TO OTHERS: We are here as a community. Each person with their own voice, own views, and own take on the game. Allow each other to communicate their own views and respond to them in a courteous manner.

SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE: This site is not for just one person or about just one person, so please keep that in mind when addressing the Addicts or other fellow players. There is ALWAYS a much bigger picture going on than what you may see or think. Your view is limited to just your game play, your devices, your style, etc. So there will be many times that you may not know or understand the OTHER views. It does not make one better than the other, it just means keep an open mind so you can learn and grow by seeing the other sides of things.

KEEP IT PG: We want EVERYONE to be able to access our site and information we provide on it. In order to protect our site from being slapped with a MA or ADULT ONLY content restriction, we will keep and maintain the site to as close to a PG/PG-13 rating as possible. We ask the readers do as well. If you do not follow this, you may find your comments altered and/or deleted.

NO ABUSE: Here at Addicts we allow open dialog. What we will NOT allow is attacks, trolling, vulgarities, racism, or other remarks that will incite hate, flame wars, or abuse towards any readers or any member of the Addicts Team. ANYONE not following this will have ALL comments removed, banned from the site, and/or legal action taken against (depending on severity). Check your hate at the door or you will be shown it.

SHOW RESPECT: If you do not agree with the Addicts Team, the game, or another reader, that is just fine. We are all unique and individual so may have different thoughts on situations. Not everything will be for everyone. How you react though is critical. If you would like to give your point of view on a matter, please do so in a respectful and constructive way. (See NO ABUSE.)

WORDS DON’T SHOW EMOTIONS: Keep in mind anytime you make a comment that what YOU may find hilarious another may take offensively. Keep this in mind when making any comment. Also, it is a known fact that the emotional state of a persons mind will impact the way they perceive something. This means if you are angry, you may take every comment you read to be angry as well even though it is not intended as such. Same goes if you are happy. Anger will happen. It is a natural occurrence when you have a group of strangers coming together to have discussions, how you react though will be up to you. So take a step back, take a breather, and try again if you are taking something too personal. Think if that person really meant it that way or it it was just a mistake of perception due to the state of mind. Think before you react to a comment. If you are not sure or wish to discuss the matter privately, feel free to email us.

HACK FREE SITE: Here at the Addicts, we will NOT allow any reader to promote, contribute, or help in illegal use and/or activities in regards to the game. In short, NO HACKS ALLOWED. Any reader found violating this will have all comments removed and even as far as banned from the site. It is not only illegal, but a breech of privacy to access another players account unauthorized. We will not allow it.

SPOILER FREE SITE: As we have come to realize after years, this game can change between concept and what is actually released into the game. Due to this, we prefer to wait to release information on ANY content of the game until either it is directly confirmed by EA or live in the game itself. Most of the time, we wait til it goes live. That way we can see how it plays out, how characters are involved, and provide the most accurate and up to date info we can to our players. We ask in return that our readers do NOT post any links to sites not ran by EA that have “spoilers”. Doing so will result in the comment being edited and/or removed.

STICK TO THE POINT: We like to provide a lot of in depth information to our readers. To do so, we break up released content into smaller sections that focus on a specific item and/or subject. In return we ask that you keep the conversation on these posts to the topic at hand being discussed. If you have a question or comment on something else, then please use our “Search” feature to locate the appropriate post to comment on. If you still can’t find it, post it on our Q&A Section and we will be happy to point you the right direction. Not following this guideline may result in your comment being removed to keep the post from being flooded with unnecessary information of topic.

BE PATIENT: We are real people here at the Addicts and have a real life that requires our attention outside the blog. We are also offering this site to you for FREE. A lot of time, effort, and LOTS of money goes into doing this. (That means we have real jobs too that pay the bills and pays for what we do for this site.) So if a comment waits in moderation, it doesn’t mean we are ignoring you it means to please exercise patience. Allow us time to get to your comments and find the details for your answers. (Some take a bit to research). In a world where everything is expected instantly, slow down. Have REAL expectations of time. We will get to your questions. We will get to your comments. Just…wait. Patience my friends.

Short story Long, we like to keep the atmosphere here positive and the discussion open. We strive to have this place be an outlet where everyone can be respectful to one another and we all can laugh, learn, and love to just discuss this silly lil game. We know not everything is perfect. Nothing in the world ever will be. But as a community, we can work together to make it the best it can possibly be.  Laughter is always welcome.